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Maximum Output Management System

One of the biggest problems of the fast growing transport industry is related to the fleet management. There are many companies running its business from the different branches located in the various states. At many times, it becomes very difficult to establish coordination at the required time.

maximum output management
Transforming Transport industry to new Dimensions of Growth

The real time information about the loading and unloading of goods by the various Lorries are unavailable as a result of it the new bookings are not moved on time.

The billing for the different clients are not made on time and if made they contain one or more error resulting in the payment delay that has the direct impact on the fleet operation and administration. And hence, the need of Fleet Management Software was felt.

The Delhi based leading transport software Company Bharat Software Solutions introduced its one of the very demanding Fleet Management Software to ensure the maximum output management system by the transport companies facing various routine problems.

Oil Your Freight Business With Freight Management System

Why to worry thinking unnecessarily about the hassle free management of your growing number of the fleet in your cluster of the commercial vehicles used to move goods from one region to another.

oil your transport business

Yes, now leave your stress aside and get ready to oil your freight business with the extremely efficient and cost saving Fleet Management System designed and developed exclusively by the leading freight forwarding software company Bharat Software Solutions in India.

The business and the management of the huge fleet have now become easy. There are many features inbuilt in the our management system.

Users can take the advantage of the features like:
» Attractive Dashboards
» Real-time Information
» Accountability at the Workplace
» Enterprise Mobility
» Business Intelligence
» Reports & alerts, and more.

Hire our feature-rich Fleet Management System and get rid of the fleet management related problems. Get in touch with us today to find the complete solution to your fleet business need!

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