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What are the basic features of the Transport Management Sytem ?

Features of The TMS System
TMS System Allow Users to Quick Management

Simple Accounting:

A simple yet efficient transport accounting software is the pre-requisite need to smoothly manage the daily accounting transactions that happen in a business routine.

Integrates with Software:

The other most basic yet very essential feature of a good transport accounting software is that it should properly integrate all the necessary features required to make the software more efficient and effective.

Online accounting, anytime – Anywhere:

An accounting software should also be fully functional and operational 24x7 days a week, because the business and transport transactions can literally happen anytime, anywhere, irrespective of the time and place.

Easy to Understand Terminology :

To craft a good and efficient accounting software, it is very essential to make the software easy to understand and easy to use by all who will come into the interface with the functionality of the software.

Charts of Account Tracking:

The other essential feature of this an accounting software would be to enable the software to make live and on-going account tracking activities possible. It makes the transactions all simpler and easier to comprehend.

Easy Vendor Payments:

One of the basic features would also be that the software should be made in such a way that it allows easy and simple vendor payments that are done in the shorter span of time.

Easy Customer Invoicing:

It should, on the other hand, be that transport management system should be efficient and effective in creating easy customer invoicing with the proper personal and basic details that all are required in order to complete the process.


One of the essential things that are required out of a good and efficient accounting software is that it should carefully create reliable and authentic reports as per the transaction history and pattern involved.

Secure Access:

One of the important aesthetics involved to be safe while dealing with various parties is the safety norm. Therefore, an accounting software should always allow a getaway and process of a safe and secure access.


To meet every type of business size and its according to needs and demands as per the industry, an accounting software should also be affordable and must fall in every business scale budget and allocated pricing.

GST Returns:

The new advancement tax that most of all the account software fail to provide is the GST returns. However, to be in the market and business for long, it should also be incorporated with the GST returns and billing.

Multi Users:

The other most basic yet important feature of an efficient software is that it should allow multi users to be operating and functioning at the same time and at the same place.

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