10 Ways To Combat Fuel Theft

Fuel robbery keeps on being a significant issue in all regions of the planet. As burglars are finding trucks and vehicles progressively hard to take beneficial amounts of fuel from, they are now subsequently focusing on parking lots, ranches, and terminals that aren’t monitored or shielded.

One more justification for why fuel has ascended throughout the years is perhaps due to the unprecedented hike in the fuel prices 

Fuel burglary costs an incredible arrangement for an assortment of businesses like transport & logistics, manufacturing, construction – with the losses every year coming at 2000 million rupees a year in India for the past three years in a row. The fuel robbery was the third most elevated bad habits in transport industry for quite a long time starting around 2018.

(1) Security Lighting

While thinking about the situation of the tank, consider the establishment of safety lights/cameras/movement sensors at your transport firm to get any undesirable action. Thieves normally work in obscurity and probably it won’t be their first rodeo of taking fuel. The more you can introduce ready marks the good your fuel will be.

(2) Fuel Locking System

Many fuel tanks presently accompany an enclosed cage, implying that only transporters and drivers have access to it, can fill their vehicles or hardware. The Ashok Leyland is one such choice. Similarly, the transporters can also rely on trucks from Eicher Motors and TATA motors that by default come with the fuel cage that helps combat fuel theft.

(3) Alert Systems

These include the sophisticated Software that comes with audible characteristics. It alerts the drivers on the movement of fluid inside the tank (drop cautions, fuel sensors, anti-siphoning gadgets, sound alerts), documenting cap cautions in and around the tank site will assist with making you aware of action around your tank. It may not forever be the situation that the levels have changed because of your fuel being taken by criminals. It could likewise make you aware of the depleting levels from time to time, or, any uncertain attempt to damage the fuel tank. 

(4) Fuel Management System

Fuel Management Systems or FMS is an absolute necessity assuming that you are managing enormous amounts of fuel. These are great assuming you either have one tank on a site or tanks situated over numerous properties. These work to give constant answering to you directly down to vehicle enrollment, liters siphoned, and client. The Bharat Transport Management System (BTMS) is a choice and can be retrofitted to prevent fuel thefts through a progression of simple tasks. 

(5) Your Dearest Companion

A mindful pet dog can help you alter for multiple developments on your site, particularly in the event where the transporter has parked multiple trucks at his site which requires adequate security.

(6) Noticing Suspicious Activity

Assuming there are vehicles or individuals around your truck that you are new to don’t spare a moment to make a note or alert authorities. This is significant because of the way that assuming a robbery happens it is critical to record it so police in your area may allocate sheriffs (particularly to those in provincial networks who can be helpless focuses for fuel burglary). Some fuel hoodlums will scope a yard during the day to target soon thereafter. Observe anybody acting dubiously around your transport terminal, and if it is safe to do so, draw in and ask what they are doing.

(7) Instruct Your Workers

Tragically 22% of all burglaries happen at the transport firms through individuals who are part and parcel of your transport business. It is also another reason to install the Transport Management Software to catch any unapproved movement. As a transporter assuming that your workers know measures are set up then they are more averse to committing a crime of opportunity. 

(8) Utilizing Fuel Cards, Dandies, or Labels

These are an extra safety measure that ties usage to an individual and their vehicle (this is exceptionally helpful valuable for guaranteeing just the people who have authority can get to the siphon). By and large, without this, the siphon will just not start at all. The truck drivers would simply be accountable for the amount of fuel consumed at a certain point in time, this reduces the chance of consumption. 

(9) Security Fencing

Here and their hoodlums can undoubtedly get into your transport property as fencing isn’t secure, which makes it one bit nearer for fuel theft. Introducing decent-quality, solid border fencing or a security enclosure at your truck parking terminals will cause problems for any deft criminal. Anything you can do to make it harder to move toward the space by vehicle, for example, introducing security bollards will all assist with expanding the work any viewpoint hoodlum needs to go to and accordingly ideally lessen your danger of you turning into a casualty of fuel burglary.

(10) Signage

Setting signs around the site or premises to feature the safety efforts you have set up may likewise assist with preventing cheats (and miscreants even) from entering the site. Signs you might need to consider setting up incorporate;

  • Private property keep out
  • Cautioning CCTV inactivity
  • Security watches inactivity
  • All vehicles have security gadgets
  • All vehicles are left with the least fuel

Fuel Management System Helps in Combating The Fuel Theft

The framework of fuel management system utilizes GPS innovation and IT naturally creates different sorts of correlation charts dependent on the distance covered by the truck from point A to point B. These charts give functional experiences and insights to transporters which assist them with distinguishing various specialized and consumption-related pitfalls. 

TMS toll offers the exact data and insights related to fuel utilization. For instance, you can monitor expanded fuel utilization as a result of inaccurate tire pressure or due to the defunct heat burners, and so forth. Above all, it will likewise give you fundamental data including fuel depleting, fuel extortion, and fuel over-utilization.

Taking everything into account, the TMS framework furnishes you with precise information like expense per mile, fuel burglary, and driver conduct (surge driving, overspeeding, and procrastination). It is amazingly gainful to transporters and fleet managers as it will keep the operational costs at bay. 

However, efficient fleet management software provides a complete overview of transportation to manage your fleet operations with ease.

Advantages of Using Fuel Management System

Bharat Software Solutions (BSS) offers a thorough scope of services, as our Enterprise Resource Planning application will permit you to keep up with the truck maintenance and control the admittance to fuel. It can mitigate all the issues related to fuel theft and consumption. A portion of the advantages of our TMS framework are as follows:

  • Develop Data Accuracy – Capture any fuel-related data while your truck is moving on the roads, thus helping you exactly calculate the amount of fuel is generated, all created by our TMS application. Consequently, you can likewise save the information for later examination with the assistance of an automated fuel control system.
  • Further, develop Fuel Efficiency – It will further develop eco-friendliness as you can monitor your vehicle maintenance and driver routes. Executing productive driving routes is important to help you settle on savvy choices so that abuse of fuel can be disposed of.
  • Lessen Fleet Fuel Theft – Fuel robbery is viewed as a major issue in the transportation and Supply Chain industry. Utilizing a fuel management system for fuel theft can likewise diminish fuel theft. You can record fuel utilization, fuel-related costs and can likewise distinguish security issues within your fleet to execute solutions.
  • Mechanized Error Reports – The automated error report is truly significant assuming you have a great deal of client information. The fuel management module in the TMS will likewise help you in monitoring the fuel levels.
  • Guarantee Compliance – The Transport Management Software will ensure that your fleet sticks to emission norms as there are many states in India where CO2 emissions are vigorously regulated.

The management technique can save you a huge amount of cash over the long haul. It will give a wide scope of information connected with fuel use. Most importantly, it is important to adequately deal with your fleet fuel cost so it can take your business to a higher level.

The Right Way To Deal With Issues Related to Fuel Theft

With a range of highlights that can be modified to address your transport business’ issues and objectives. Bharat Software Services’ Fleet Management tool can help you to:

Drive income while expanding usefulness – Increment functional productivity, lessen fuel-squandering driver conduct and decrease vehicle support costs.

Save Fuel with the Right Vehicle Maintenance – As the vehicle ages and longer, the vehicle spends out and about, the more mileage it faces. Route optimization saves expenses on overall maintenance and repair costs by downplaying vehicle use. It is fundamental for you to comprehend that fleet maintenance at regular intervals is an important aspect for healthier trucks and other loading fleets. 

Advancing Driver Behavior For Fuel Reserve Funds

One of the most mind-boggling and testing areas for improvisations is the driver’s conduct For instance, rash driving, harsh braking, and procrastinating are among the common behaviors truck drivers found with.

The optimized solutions can assist transporters and fleet managers to recognize whether a driver has been driving past the speed limit, harsh braking resulting in fuel-wasting behavior. Vehicles that are driven in a non-forceful way will in general be more secure and more eco-friendly.