E-Way Bill Automation System

You can use this feature to transport multiple consignments of goods in a single conveyance or vehicle. You can benefit from E-Way Bill Automation whenever your good in a vehicle/conveyance of value over INR 50000 about a ‘supply’ or due to inward ‘supply’ from an unregistered person. Your effort to visit the government portal to make changes is not required.

Let’s not create more suspense and unveil the curtain of TRUTH So, it is Bharat Software Solutions that is offering you an E-way Bill Automation choice; making your business a little smoother.


(a) Mobile Tracking (Truck and Driver Tracking)

Bharat Software Solutions(BSS) is among the few in the market that is offering you Mobile Tracking (Truck and Driver Tracking). This will allow you to know your vehicle location round the clock. BSS has developed an advanced system where you get high-quality certified GPS software that is unmatched and fits your budget easily. You can also customize the Truck and Driver Tracking System with the tools we offer and don’t have to use the features that are not relevant to you.


  • Truck Activity Reports
  • Speed Reports
  • Real-time updates
  • Map replay
  • Fuel waste monitoring and others

Bharat Software Solutions continuously strive towards providing more client-friendly solution and therefore, you will observe that you’ll get Software Updates, which will make your business succeed in a shorter period.

(b) Consolidate With Challan Bill

With E-Way Bill Automation by BSS, you can comprehensively consolidate with Challan Print. What it means is the single document that contains details of all thee way bills-related consignments, you can use this feature to transport multiple consignments of goods in a single conveyance or vehicle.

(c) E-Way Date Extension Facility

With the software features, E-Way Date Extension will also be taken care and This will make sure that it doesn’t delay your transportation business due to unavoidable circumstances, which may lead to the expiry of bills.

Makes Your Business Hassle-Free

E-Way Bill Automation system will liberate you from the hassle of visiting the government E Way Bill Portal and going through the entire process of Bill Generation without any fee. This feature can make your business life easier. But before moving on let’s dig into more benefits of E-way bill automation

What is E-way Bill System?

E-way bill is an auto-generated or electrically generated document that includes invoices and shipment details. In some states, the e-way bill system has been made mandatory for inter and intrastate supplies. The license of the driver will be cancelled if he is found without an e-way bill. Now, let’s bring some light on the contents that come under the e-way bill system


E-way bill contains two components:


  • Recipient GSTIN
  • Place of delivery
  • Invoice number/ Challan number and date
  • HSN code
  • Number of goods
  • Transportation document number
  • Reasons for transportation


  • Transporter details (i.e., vehicle number and Id)

Part B is used to generate the e way bill. Your e-way bill is valid only when you complete the generation of PART B. This is the most important part of an e way bill system. It is generated on the GST portal.