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The Management Process Start With the GR Booking

For any warehouse, the process of goods receiving is the fulcrum of the entire operations. If there are any issues in the goods receiving the procedure, it can result in a lot of troubles later. Thus, the need of the hour is to create unbeatable workflows that help companies to improve their warehouse efficiency. It is very critical to ensure smooth stock-flow at goods receiving. Here, we give you an insight into how as soon as GR booking is complete, actual management begins.

  • We have come a long way from manual counting of the goods arriving for transportation.
  • Today, the processes that are in place ensure precise and accurate goods receipt process.
  • The best way to go about it by using an easy-to-use WMS or warehouse management system that comes with barcode scanning.
  • Using barcode scanning removes the chances of human error.
  • It also makes sure that all goods that are delivered are correctly recorded.

Gone are the days when warehouses relied on a paper-based system and wrote down the details of goods that were delivered. This system resulted in incorrect stock figures, inaccurate checks, lost or misplaced orders. It also results in high costs and was a highly inefficient system. Today, with state-of-the-art systems and processes in place, the margin for human error is eliminated. The use of paper is eliminated and increases efficiency and speed. 

 As soon as the perfect goods receiving process is completed, the management of handling goods and its dispersal begins. Workflows are used that helps in logging, counting, and registering goods as soon as it enters the warehouse. This results in a lot of benefits through the complete order fulfillment journey.

 If there are any kinks in the goods receiving process, ensure the same is removed immediately so that the processes are smooth and work out with greater efficiency. Today, automation is key and there is a need to optimize the system. Here, the use of GR Management Software proves to be a great help as it streamlines the entire procedure. 

 After goods receiving booking is complete, the Warehouse Management System keeps a record of every transaction of every stock item. The next step is to place the goods in storage until it is ready to be removed. When the goods are ready to be loaded on the trucks, a transfer order is created. This order is used to transfer goods from the storage area to the loading area where trucks are ready to load the stuff and carry them to their respective locations.

Managed GR (Goods Receiving) Process can easily execute your supply chain system

GR Management

Receiving goods is an integral task of a warehouse that, when not done properly can lead to disrupting the normal workflow in your production, in delaying timely deliveries of end products to customers and eventually the profitability of the business. Whether it is a large-scale business or a small start-up, as long as the GR or the Goods Receiving system is working efficiently, the supply chain system of your organisation will work optimally.

One of the key elements here is to automate the entire process. Once the receiving system is improved and computerized with modern technical advancements, the efficiency of your operations will automatically improve. The receiving process is one of the most critical aspects of warehousing operations. It is the first step in the production process which is what makes the process so valuable – the raw materials and other items need to be precisely tracked vis-à-vis the order given to the supplier and eventually get approved by the receiving officials. Once everything – the order placed and the good received – are in perfect sync, the remaining production process can happen smoothly and easily.

Here are few essential things to do when planning to increase the efficiency of your warehouse, especially the Goods Receiving system –

  • One of the best ways to make the Good Receiving systems work seamlessly is to allocate ample space to the workers and employees in the receiving area so that they can work in an organized manner.
  • One of the crucial things for making the supply chain foolproof is to go in for an inventory management system that works in real-time to monitor the inventory using the smartest and the most advanced technology. Modern technology equips and empowers the entire receiving system to work at its maximum best.
  • Implementing a technology-oriented system also helps monitor the quality of goods received by implementing appropriate quality control checks that is so important for the entire supply chain.

Technological advancements that should be an essential part of a GR system –

  • Barcode scanners
  • RFID Scanners – also known as Radio-frequency identification is a technology that helps maximize and expedite the receiving process.
  • Automated pallet systems and management

These systems help track items in the most professional manner. In fact, they ascertain the accuracy of shipment-wise receivables through and through by comparing invoices and order sheets. The system also helps assess the competency of different vendors and retailers meticulously in taking complex decisions in an easy and efficient manner.

Truck Loading Can Be Easy If GR is Placed in a Systematic Way

For people involved in logistics, shipping and freight forwarding, there are constantly three vital challenges that they need to face –

  • Minimize shipping and transportation costs;
  • Utilize time in the best possible manner
  • Utilize available loading space optimally

The truck loading software is a professional way of overcoming the above three challenges in the best possible manner. The basic aim of the software is to help with planning and executing goods loading in a way that all the associated elements of shipping goods is addressed in the most cost-effective manner. An out-an-out software system that helps support the warehouse in pre-planning and managing resources in the most optimal manner, one can prioritize loads and cleverly allocate trucks and containers based on 3D representations that can be operated and edited in the real-time.

The system helps the godown/warehouse personnel in managing the goods forwarding system in the most appropriate manner so that space, time and money are all used in the most effective manner.

With different kinds of this software available in the market today, manufacturers and warehouse management need to be careful of the software that they order for. Some of the features that should be part of this software system are –

  • User-friendly features that makes the software simple to use and easy to comprehend. With tutorials and videos to support throughout, the software should be hands-on for the user.
  • Truck loading software that help plan and calculate the truck load using the latest technology like web browsers and online technology are smarter and can more effectively help with truck loading strategies and item placements.
  • The software must have a visual representation mode where the entire cargo and loads being placed on a container or a truck is represented live and in a three-dimensional mode. This makes visualizing the placement easy and one can then change or move or rotate the items and cargo to use the space maximally.
  • The software should be able to prioritize the cargo based on the transit route and the final destination and have the capacity to show a wide range of different types of items that can fit into one shipment.
  • Presence of additional features like – compliant with different unit systems; compatible to pick up figures and data direct from Windows and other operating systems; have descriptions on the loads and shipments for easy understanding and capability to print customized reports.
GR Management Software
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