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Our Brokerage Transport Management Software Boost Your Brokerage Transport Business

We design ultimate application for brokerage transporter that is Brokerage Transport Management Software. This brokerage software is easy to use in full truckload,part truckload booking, consignment booking, Truck hiring, Trip settlement, Billing, dispatching and many more. Brokerage Transport Management Software will help to perfectly manage your transportation movements. This Brokerage management software is developed consideration of Brokerage process.

Brokerage is no other than a smart work done by the people where broker earns money without investing their capital with the mind game and social circle. Our software is designed to help them to maintain both the parties record and maintain through income or commission. He can easily differentiate and calculate the freight price he charged from the booking companies and their booking commission. On the other hand, he can fix the price with the fleet transporter.

For many years we've led the way in the business software industry and the thousands of companies find software with us. We believe that software makes the world a better place. Save time, save money, and get back to what matters most. Our target audience is small to medium-sized transportation companies looking for a complete consignment delivery, Fleet Management, Order Management, Safety & Compliance, and Accounting.

All modules are integrated and included by us. BTMS has the most advanced dispatching board in the market. Some of the BTMS features are Lane Profitability Column, Truck Costing Report, Trailer Tracking, Expense and Invoicing Aging Report, Sales Report, Payment, SMS Dispatch, and Fuel Import and many more!

Comprehensive transportation management software solution for small to big transportation brokerage intermediaries and their staff.As an expandable software solution, you buy what you need today and add updated technology as it is required at your client end.