Business Management System

business management system

Are you into the trucking and transportation business?

If yes, then you might be feeling an issue in managing business. You are required to manage invoices, bills, and books. Also, keeping track of inventory, machinery, and travel for drivers is not an easy task. Here, the business management system comes to your rescue.

The system has accounting attributes such as accounts payable, general ledger, and accounts receivable. The system has other important features like freight, transport-specific pricing, and per mile. These features will support to track vehicle, driver, dispatch activities, and reservations. The dispatcher and driver can communicate with ease.

We are discussing certain features of the business management system

1. Subscription Billing

It is a procedure for billing clients for the subscription. The business management system help to manage subscribers and their needs. It stores brochures, prices, and billing cycle subscriber data, and the history of the transaction.

The user can manage checkout, billing, subscriptions, collections, invoicing, accounting, collections, and analytics. It also manages packages, offers, and discounts for ensuring the process. The accountants use the subscription billing feature to handle revenue. This kind of software is used by the sales department to recognize the best services and products.

It helps to generate invoices and ensuring that the customers are billed on time. The payment is accepted and then matched with invoices. The performance can be monitored with special offers and packages. The features like incomplete and late payments can be addressed.

2. Employee Management

You must be finding it difficult to manage drivers and other employees of the company manually. It is quite tough to manage time and attendance, leaves, database, and other details. The business management system comes with an employment management feature. The system helps to manage time and attendance.

The errors in attendance can result in inaccurate payroll that can cost a huge expense. The software ensures that payroll reporting is right. The tracking of time becomes easy and information is sent to the payroll system. It also ensures that employees are paid on time.

The employee data can be managed such as hire date, job data, contact details, salary, and birth date. The system can track the information. It also provides a self-service portal so that the employees can update address, contact details, and bank account details. It will provide a high level of employee satisfaction with an increase in productivity.

3. Client Management

The system has the feature of managing clients. The business owners in the transportation sector always want to put the contact details in a single place. So, if you want your clients to be organized then you must have a client management software feature with you. The software will help to retrieve or add some details. It must remind you of the essential events and attract new leads. You get access to client records, calendar events, manage to-do notes, and other important things. 

Productivity and efficiency can be enhanced by keeping client data in one place. The system can also send automatic messages for new business leads. It will save time to write emails. Also, you can retrieve the details like documents, shared files, contracts, and proposals. Also, the details like payment, quotes, emails, and conversations with the clients can be extracted with ease. 

4. Responsibility

You can also understand how important task management is in the transport sector. All the tasks can’t be managed manually. So, this software will help you to manage tasks automatically. There is a wide range of advantages ranging from security, reliability, ease of use, and user-friendly. The task management starts with planning. The system divides the work into different stages. It helps to organize work and create a schedule. You can also monitor progress. You can also plan recurring tasks. The tasks can be updated on sheets on a weekly or monthly basis.

If you have many tasks then you can also prioritize the work. So, you can complete the urgent work. You can also keep track of all tasks through this system. Also, the deadlines can be marked on the calendar. The time can be tracked to complete a single task. The software allows planning cost, time, and expenditure. The documents are updated automatically

5. Stationary Templates

The stationary templates are an added feature that helps to create invoices. You often forget to fill in essential details to be included in the invoice. The system also comes with certain advanced features such as financial accounting, time tracking, and team collaboration. You will find many free invoice templates. Also, your data is kept safe and secure.

The invoice template can be selected as per your requirement. Then, you can enter the required details to complete it. You can add the business logo, and customize the template as per your specification. It is quite easy to use. The invoices are saved automatically and the information remains centralized. This information can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

So, now you must not get tensed of invoices. The invoice generation is a quick process that will not involve any hard work. Also, the quotes and orders can be generated with ease

6. Monetary

Financial management software manages expenses, income, and assets. The system helps to increase profit and long term and short term performance. It helps to streamline bill collection, invoicing, and reducing errors. It will also lead to a decrease in record-keeping redundancy and compliance with tax. You can also do budget planning with ease.

It also helps to keep receivables and payments transparent. It will keep track of liabilities and ensure security and data integrity. It helps to coordinate expense statements, income statements, and balance sheets. It helps to reduce paperwork.

So, the transport accounting system will help to manage the accounts of the transport company. It is a user-friendly software that can be accessed from everywhere. The information remains centralized and secure. The system helps to reduce your expenses and save a lot of time and money. Also, you will be able to decrease paperwork as all the details and documents can be saved with ease.

7. Payroll

The expense management software helps to pay process and audit expenses. The user can enter expenses for approval. The management automates and simplifies expense entry. It will also help to decrease administrative effort. The administrators can access and track employee of financial resources. The system is integrated with payroll, travel management software, time tracking, and workforce management software.

It becomes quite difficult to manage the driver’s expenses and toll charges. So, this system helps to manage your expenses. The paperwork gets reduced and saves a lot of cost and time. The information becomes centralized and can be accessed from a smartphone. Various documents can be stored such as expense receipts, expense reports, and approvals. The reimbursements can be done without any hassle.

So, it is quite a beneficial feature for transporters and businessmen. The expenses can be managed easily without any problem.

8. Time Tracking

Time tracking is an activity that is followed by many companies. The activity starts from invoice to billing. The tracking tells about the performance trend and depicts employee productivity. It also helps to plan work in a better way. Time tracking feature helps to record the work of employees. This information helps in billing, payroll, and operations. It helps to make employees productive and save a lot of money and time.

It helps to keep a correct record of billable hours. Also, clients can be invoiced in the right manner. Also, data loss can be prevented. The software helps to optimize working hours. And spend time in the right manner.
It also does predictions related to the cost and time of the project. So, you can manage the cost. It helps to keep employees on track. You can improve quotes and estimates with the right billing of work done. In this way, team performance gets improved.

9. Online Invoicing

Are you finding it difficult to create an online invoice? So, the feature of the transport accounting system can help you. The system can help you to create invoices and send them to the concerned party. It helps to do online billing, sending an online invoice, managing approval, and receiving online payment. You have to fill in details such as quantity, client name, discounts, and amount. You can also create a list of new customers, and import the customer’s name. Then you have the option of converting estimates into online invoices.

The other important attributes are recurring invoices and reporting. You can also get various other benefits like reporting, the record of outstanding invoices, delay in payment, and record of payment done. The recurring invoices enable to automate the procedure of sending recurring invoices. So, you can easily create online invoicing and make your business process easy

10. Secure Access

Secure access is a simple and fast manner of storing sensitive and critical files on your devices. The feature of secure access helps to keep your files secure with a password. Also, the system allows to automatically encrypt the files. The system makes your file safe and secure. There are various features of this application. It helps to improve password settings with a faster encryption feature. You can also edit files that are stored in the vault. Also, there is the attribute of encrypted backup and restore data stored. You will also get an optional file shredder and automatic log out.

So, if you want to keep your documents safe and secure then you can ask Bharat Software to install them. The system is easy to use and install. It can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. You can also access it from smart devices. So, you can install the secure access feature.

11. Affordable

A business management system is quite affordable. You can easily take the services of this software at a reasonable rate. Many features come with this software. So, you will find that the software easily comes within your budget. If you don’t have this software then managing accounts is a difficult thing. In the transport business, the manual management of the papers is quite tough. So, you can rely on the software as it will help to manage documents. You can do the subscription billing, employee management, client management, and task management.

You can also do financial management, invoice template, expense management, time tracking, and online invoicing. So, you can manage all these functions as it will increase the productivity of the business. Also, the documents can be accessed with secure access. Also, the documents can be accessed from any part of the world from any device. It will save a lot of expenses, time, and money.

12. GST Returns

Are you facing a problem with GST return billing and filing? With the software feature, you will know the right tax liability and avoiding errors. It will help to save time by tackling all the GSTs at a place. You can make GST filing quite easy. The data can be imported from the software. Also, you can file returns easily. You can make all purchase invoices and sale purchases.

GST return has become easy with this software. You are not required to hire anyone to file your GST return. It will save you costs and time. So, you can rely on the software that will help to file your return with ease. The documents are stored securely and can be accessed from anywhere. So, you can get the benefit of convenience. Also, business productivity gets increased. So, you are not required to take tension and install this software in your transport business.

13. Multi Users

The system can be accessed by multiple users. These users can access the documents and other information from anywhere. Also, the documents remain secure. The information is centralized. So, any edition or updating done by a person can be seen by others. Also, you will receive notifications and alerts for the updates.

Also, various processes can be managed by users. Some of the processes are expense management, transport management, truck management, client management, employee management, time tracking, financial management, and GST returns.


We understand that you will be facing a lot of problems in managing accounts in the transportation business. So, you can contact Bharat software for installing transport accounting system. It will make your work faster and easy.