How to Start Transport Franchise Business

Benefit of transport franchise business

Transportation Business is a very diversified field as it involves commercialized vehicles offering their services across the country. Apart from the taxi or shuttle services, a very distinct branch of transportation business is the logistics services where the goods are moved from one place to the other, as per the demand of the client. This movement of goods from place to place comes under the scope of the Transportation Business.

Transport business has a wide coverage. You can be a part of this herculean business in one form or the other. One of the forms of transport business is being a transport franchise. So what is the transport franchise all about? It is nothing but working on a commission basis with a big transporter or logistician.

However, before starting the transport business franchise you have to do certain preparations and we are sharing all the information, tips, and things that have to be considered for starting the transport franchise business by taking inspiration and guidance from a successful and well-established businessman, who is the well-known brand in the transport industry and has carved a niche for themselves in the acumen.

It is also called to some extent freight broker business. Transport franchise is a small transport business in which dispatching of goods forms the main service. Apart from that you can also undertake the bookings of goods from various transporters and earn profits. It is a relatively inexpensive business to start with.

All you require is just a small booking station and some physical fit staff to help and carry out the operations of your franchise business successfully. You can also make a carrier in this business and enable seamless distribution of goods.           

When it comes to earning you have two categories:

Commission/broker basis – Here you can work with big companies on a commission basis

Fixed-rate basis– Here you can work with small transporter.

Assets need for a transport franchise business.

(a) Godown:

Big transport is mostly set up in border(state) areas or in areas where there is the availability of good space. Here the main challenge one faces is to cater to the service needs of the city or town. Often in a city or town, there is a need for part load services. If the franchise transport business is in the city then you will be getting direct profits from it for you can easily cater to the logistics needs of the city. Trading business requires the need of such transport franchise service and for that, all you need is a big godown from where logistics services can be provided and great earnings can also be done. Also, the size of the godown helps in taking up an agency easily.

(b) Main power (physical fit staff):

In booking delivery business, loading and unloading process takes place umpteen number of time in a day. For this, you need physically fit staff. Physically fit staff is the main asset and power of your transport franchise business. The next step is therefore to hire fit staff who can handle the herculean task of loading and unloading effectively. You can easily reap the benefits of time and earnings from such staff.

(c) Small Vehicle, E-Rikshaw, Hand Pulling Rikshaw:

It is also important to arrange for small vehicles like e-rikshaw, hand pulling rikshaw for carrying certain goods to cater to low loads bookings. Also, e-rikshaw and pulling rikshaw will help in transporting goods to the border from your Godown. These are the most cost-effective means of transportation and also emit zero carbon footprints. In a sense, you are contributing towards a clean and green environment.

With small vehicles like a hand pulling rikshaw and e-rikshaw you are saving on the cost of maintenance that goes into maintaining huge vehicles and also providing employment to those rickshaw pullers and vehicle drivers and also conduction the operations of your logistics business successfully.

(d) Modern Technology:

With the advent of automation in every field, you should incorporate state of the art and modern technology in your transport franchise business. You can make use of modern management techniques like excel, tally, and other business applications for streamlining your business operations effectively.

If your scale of business is small you can easily manage your logistics franchise business with applications like excel and tally, however, if your scale of business is huge then it is advisable to incorporate a transport management system. It is automated; user-friendly and customized business management system that helps in streamlining and easy management of all the operations of your logistics business.

It helps in managing, booking, and delivery of your goods in an effective manner and also helps the user to have a bird’s eye view of every operation of the logistics business. This application is the best choice for control of power, streamlining of operations, freight billing, and POD receiving and managing accounts.

(e) Dense Location /Market:

It is important to find the business location in a dense market area so that you can get maximum business leads. Also, if the location of your transport franchise business is near to the market then dispatching can be done in an easy and fast manner.

Dense market location helps your business to cater to the varying needs of the clients and enable you to get good bookings. Carrying out the business in the dense market area will not only help you to learn more but also will help you to catapult your business to new heights of success and growth.

Benefits Of Transport Franchise Business

Low Investment:

One of the main benefits of a transport franchise business is low investment. With a low investment, one can easily start with the logistics franchise business and gain good returns. Once you get experience and are established in the business you can reap great returns on investment by just investing less amount. It can be easily started from individuals who have a low investment in hand, and also without any financial backup.


The freight forwarding franchise business is scalable as one can easily expand the business with growth opportunities. It has the potential to multiply revenue with a minimal incremental cost. The business can be ready to scale with the proven opportunity and proven business model and is set to expand to new geographies and markets. Its seamless workflow and business structure allow for scalability.

Zero Recession:

A transport franchise business will not be affected by the economic recession. Transportation is required for every field and sector. The recession of the economy will not have any effect on the transportation business.

Even during a recession the goods and the consignments are required to be transported from one place to another, thus making this business sector fight and sail through the tough waters of recession with great ease. It is one of those businesses that can easily survive the recession.


Logistics franchise business is a profitable venture where you can get good returns with low money investment. With good experience and expertise, you can easily reap great returns from the business. Once your business is set you can get deep insights into various things of the business and reap great returns in no time. The transport franchise business is a profitable business that one can easily count on.

Stable Career:

If you want to have a good and stable career, then the transport franchise business is a great option to go for. Any individual with little knowledge of the transport business can start with the transport franchise business with low funds. It is the best career for all those individuals who are looking for a steady, profitable, and secure career.


Receive original Bilty: You have to be very careful while carrying out the operations of your transport logistics business. The main aim of any transport business is to transport the goods from one place to another. But in case if the address or number marked in the goods, boxes are wrong then the goods reach and are delivered to the wrong party and in that case, there are chances that your franchise can be ended.

You can save yourself from such a loss and damage by being cautious. When receiving goods cross-check the documents and the address and number marked in them so that the right goods reach the right party.


A transport franchise business is a good option if you have less investment in hand and you are experienced with logistics operations and want to have a secure and scalable business. These are certain things that have been discussed by consulting successful businessmen in this acumen so that you can get a better idea of what this business exactly is, how to start it and what are its benefits.