How to improve Full Truckload Services?

Full truckload service(FTL) means that the truck carrier will transport and shipment the goods and consignment of one particular company irrespective of whether the truck is full or partly empty. It is important that the shippers understand the characteristics of full truckload freight so as to reap good returns and also to make freight more attractive to carriers as well.

In order to take the maximum benefit of full truckload services, shippers should know how to improve their services. FTL capacity is tight, but a practical solution exists to tap the unavailable space. Shippers must be willing to work with more drivers, third parties, and carriers to ensure that they are getting the best rates possible for a given route. 

Also, the shippers can avail more benefits by making freight more alluring to drivers and carriers. A good and user-friendly full truckload management software helps in the movement of goods and helps the company to process the order with greater accuracy and service standards.

Partnering with 3PL will help the FTL shippers to minimize the risk and improve cost efficiency. Such outsourcing of Full truckload to 3PL or broker increases the capacity and skill of managing full truckload for logistics companies, helps them build the brand value and trust with the customers.

There are tips that can help FTL service provider

(a)Loading –Unloading Management:

loading and unloading of the cargo is a complicated process and one has to be very careful. Safety of the employees who have assigned the job of loading and that of the goods should be the top priority. In order to maintain a high level of safety and to effectively carry out the loading and unloading it is important to take into account certain things:

  • Assign the work to a reliable, experienced, and dedicated team of professionals. Partner with the employees who are physically fit to carry out the loading and unloading work smoothly.
  • Use forklift for carrying loads. Make sure that the load is carefully and correctly positioned on the skid and is evenly distributed in the forklift. Also, ensure that the load is safe and secure to avoid it collapsing on the forklift.
  • Instead of using conventional loading and unloading methods that involve forklifts, pallet trucks; today many professional FTL service providers use robotics mechanisms. In this process robots of various shapes and sizes could take the process to new levels of efficiency and productivity by helping with strenuous tasks. In robotics processing, the robot aids in the effective carrying of the entire process.

(b) Experienced Drivers:

It is important that experienced and well-trained drivers are involved in transporting goods via FTL service. The driver should be experienced to drive in any route and should have good knowledge of all the routes. They should be able to drive miles and miles in all the weather conditions to ensure that the goods consigned reach the destination in specified time safely. It is important to partner with highly trained drivers who are safety focused and understand the importance of timely collections and delivery of your consignment. The drivers offer high consistency when it comes to service quality. 

The reliable drivers; get the job done in a timely manner and does what is required of them and leave no stone unturned to deliver seamless solutions to meet the transport challenges. The talented truck drivers have spotless driving records epitomizing that the individual uploads reliability, balance of mind, and professionalism while performing their duty. 

The domain of the truck driver exists out on the open road and any mistake here and there will lead to an accident. Good drivers are thus constantly alert at all times when driving their trucks. They keep their eyes on the road, have full awareness of the road, follow the traffic rules to the core, and take measures to avoid dozing off.

(c) Maintain The Performance of The Truck:

It is important for the FTL service provider to keep their truck up to date. The owner must send the truck for regular service for its good running condition. They should be aware of all its policies that include insurance, EMI payments, service, and maintenance.

It is important to routinely check the engine oil and filter of the truck. Engine oil can easily become contaminated with dust, dirt, and debris from the engine and environment and when this happens, the truck engine cannot function properly. One should keep the track of time the engine oil has to be changed. For truck engaged in FTL should change the engine oil frequently.

Also, it is important to get your truck inspected by an expert mechanic. This will help you understand any mechanical or safety issues early on. In addition to the engine oil, it is equally important to routinely check the engine coolant, power steering fluid, windshield, brake fluid, and washer fluid to ensure god performance of the truck and prevent it from sudden breakdown. It is also important to immediately replace the parts that are subject to wear and tear so as to keep your truck in good moving condition.

(d) Consignment Booking and Storing:

It is important to have an accurate consignment booking and storing mechanism in the FTL. The logistics service providers have to keep the proper records of their daily consignment. At times due to unforeseen events there occurs damage or theft of the goods and a logistics service provider will not have proper and accurate information of damage and have to bear the loss.

With proper record keeping of all the consignments, the FTL service provider can easily maintain the stock in a proper way and do away from incurring a huge loss. Consignment with exact dates of the booking, details of the party who booked the consignment, location of dispatch, payment made or not, the warehouse and godown where the goods are stored for further dispatch and the date when the consignment stored in the warehouse is to be dispatched should be properly recorded. By keeping the up-to-date records of each consignment the transporter can easily keep an eye on all the bookings and get to know their minute details and make accurate decisions. 

With accurate information of consignment, the FTL service provider can effortlessly track the details of each and every consignment and get real-time details and the correct status of all the consignment.

(e) Connect With Multi-Location Branch:

An FTL transporter will have many branches or locations for managing the logistics business. It is important to easily connect with a multi-location branch to manage and control of transport business effectively. The transporter will have to monitor and control the decisions of the branches uniformly and streamlines those for the common goal of the business.

The transporter should take into account the accurate data of multi-branch locations so that they can make good business decisions. There should be an easy flow of information between various branches which is important for successful carrying out the logistics business. Having good synchronization with all the location branches will help the transporter to have the correct status of the business, consignment, and pending dues and payments. 

For seamless carrying of the transport business, it is important to get all the kinds of reports relating to all the branches at various locations. This will enable the logistics service provider to make proper business decisions and make adjustments if any.

Also, the FTL service provider should be aware of the accounting work of all the branches so that they have good knowledge of what is happening in their multi-branch locations and make any adjustments or changes if required for smooth operations of their logistics business.

(f) Using FTL management System:

For smooth operations of the FTL process it is important that the logistics service provider uses the automated, user friendly, and state of the art FTL management system. The system helps to process the order with greater accuracy and service standards. It helps in optimizing the shipping costs by keeping a detailed record of various important aspects like addresses, surcharges, and contact details. The cutting edge software helps the FTL service provider in

  • Helps in getting real-time information on booking, dispatch, and delivery.
  • Helps to easily track all the details of the truck that include location, information of the driver, loading and unloading details 
  • Helps easy and accurate invoice billing
  • Helps to manage all kinds of details of FTL like shortage details, pump details, advance payment, receipt details with greater accuracy and in an effective manner.
  • The cutting edge FTL management system enables the suppliers and customers to collaborate on one platform.
  • Improves the shipping management
  • The system eases the workflow in various areas including accounts, freight management, and administrative management.
  • The FTL management system provides operational efficiency and robust control over the logistics operations and effectively help the user to manage the end to end operations from consignment booking to delivery.