Challenges of Transport Industry

Challenges For Transport Business

The transportation industry certainly plays an important role in the supply chain operations of any sector of an economy. Irrespective of the industry, transportation agencies assist organizations to connect with their potential and regular clients. The products reach the place of the marketplace with the transportation service.

In recent years, the Indian transportation industry has rapidly evolved. Despite this augmented industry growth, there are several challenges that transportation companies are facing even now, including transport business management and optimization.

In today’s article, we have discussed in detail the Top 6 challenges of the Transportation industry in India.

Finding Loads/ Consignment For Shipping

The first and foremost challenge of the transport industry in India is finding loads. Transportation companies find it hard to search for clients or logistics vendors. They don’t have an idea of where and how to find consignments for shipping. If they don’t have orders or loads, then it directly impacts the company’s revenue. Getting loads is a big challenge for all transport companies, especially small trucking and transport agencies. Companies having personal fleets incur more losses due to insufficient loads because their trucks stand idle for a certain period before bookings that not only prevent them from making profits but also incurs the cost of vehicle maintenance.

If you want to find loads easily then make sure you offer multiple transport services like Full Truckload and Less Truckload. Apart from them, ensure you work with freight brokers as they can give you bookings more frequently. It’s rightly said that something is better than nothing. So, making some money through freight brokers is a great option than making your vehicles stand idle for several days.

Additionally, you will be able to establish a healthy relationship with freight brokers, which makes an ultimate business source for your transportation company.


If you’re a transportation company without a personal fleet, then dispatching can be a challenge for you. Once you have a booking, you have to decide whether you should hire a truck from trucking companies or a commission agents. Your customer expects timely delivery of their consignment and you should fulfill their expectations anyhow. Sometimes, there is a problem with consignment rates too when finalizing any truck for dispatching.

One of the ways out of this challenge is using automated dispatching software like Bharat Software Solutions. With our unique system, you can easily dispatch cargo in the scheduled period without any problems. The software is specifically developed for freight brokers who work with both shippers and fleet owners. It gives real-time access to multiple loads and quick bidding for spot prices so brokers can conveniently on the promised date and time.

When you have a reliable solution for dispatching management, you not just make more income but also earn goodwill in the market. By giving satisfactory services to the clients, you are creating a brand reputation which will eventually get you more bookings and loads to dispatch.

Driver Management

Driver management is another big challenge of the Indian transportation industry. You should establish a proper and efficient system to manage all of your drivers. Being a transport company owner, you should make sure that all drivers in your company are trustworthy and skilled. They should drive safely to ensure the security of themselves as well as customer’s goods. Even a little dent in the goods of your clients can hurt their sentiments and your reputation. If your drivers aren’t dedicated to their duty and your company, then your business is at risk.

You should hire drivers carefully because adamant drivers can lead to huge business losses and even business shut down.

Other challenges associated with drivers in trucking or transport companies are deciding payments for drivers hired for trip-wise bookings. If you work on a commission basis then managing drivers become a tough job for a transporter.

Therefore, it is very important to manage drivers in your transport business for smooth operations. You can use Transport Management Software to take care of your driver management needs. From their documentation to payment details, everything can be managed in one place without any manual complications and stress.

Timely Payment

Capital is important to run any business smoothly. If you want to make profits out of your transport business then you should ensure that you collect payment from your vendors on time. If you don’t collect your money timely from the market, you will be short on funds to manage your day-to-day business expenses, including toll, fuel, servicing cost, and many more.

Insufficient funds will create even more problems for you if you have financed your trucks from financial institutions. Your EMIs may get bounced which would result in poor credit history along with penalties. All these things will ultimately lead to losses. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your pending payments from vendors to keep your business running ideally.

We understand that keeping an eye on several vendors’ payment records is not easy without an automated system. Thus, we have launched a business accounting system. This software will help you send timely reminders to your vendors to collect payments. It automatically updates the records too for easy accounts management. You don’t have to manually see and send payment reminders to the people. It will all be done automatically by our new-age transport business solution.

Business Management

Managing your transport business in an optimized manner is also a challenge. If you are not serious about your business, then it’s better to shut it down otherwise you will have to bear considerable business losses. Why we are saying this is because optimization of business process is the need of the hour. You are required to look after accounts, fleet, consignments, and other things to ensure everything is in line.

As you know that manual business management involves a high scope of errors; therefore, here is automated business management software for you. The business management system is a complete solution to optimize your transport business. It is a quick and advanced system that will provide you with flexibility and unleash your profitability.

It can manage the fleet efficiently by letting you know about its servicing dates, license expiration, and availability to take bookings. It can automatically manage full truckloads and partial truckloads for more income and profits. Freight brokers should also use modern management because it has all the necessary freight management features. Furthermore, it can look after accounts, payrolls, inventory, and warehouses to reduce your physical efforts. Due to automation, all of your transport business tasks will get managed in the least time.

Business Leads

Getting leads for your transportation business is a great challenge for the owners. However, the internet has significantly resolved this challenge.

Every business has gone digital. If you haven’t created your platform on the internet then you are preventing yourself from getting more business leads. Now, the customers also search for the required services online. A physical office restricts your reach to your potential customers to a specific location but your website will allow you to deal internationally.

The cost of website creation is way less than the cost of building or renting a physical office. Unlike traditional business marketing, you don’t have to pay a huge amount of money to advertise your transportation business on the internet.

To get more leads for your transport business, you have to first get a business website designed. Then, you have to create your profiles on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. You have to post regularly on your social media timelines to stay connected with your audience and followers.

Once you have done this, spend some time creating business listings on B2B platforms like Just dial, Trade India, India Mart, and many more.


The Indian transportation industry is experiencing changes every day. Contributors to the industry like us keep on innovating something new every then and now to help the agencies overcome the industrial challenges. The modern transport business management system is developed keeping in mind all the above-listed challenges. The optimized system have made sure that provides you with a practical solution to keep your business running smoothly and profitably. Irrespective of your business size, you can deploy this software to optimize your operations.

If you have any questions about the transportation business, then let us know, we will try to answer them through our posts as soon as possible.