10 Free Ways to Promote Business

10 Free Ways to Promote Business

  • In today’s highly competitive business environment, there is a lot one has to do to succeed apart from offering a quality product or service at an affordable price. 
  • To prove one’s brand power, relevance, reliability and niche in the market to capture the right target audience at the right time, brand promotion is the key. 
  • Almost every company in each prominent business segment today invests in promoting their brand and marketing their products or services in the market to be visible at the desirable places and ways. 
  • While companies often invest a major chunk of their margins for advertising and promotion, there are surprisingly some rather easy and successful free ways to promote one’s business quite easily. 
  • All it takes to self-promote one’s business at no or minimal cost is to gather some basic skills, knowledge of the ongoing market trends and certainly proves to utilize some amazing yet free online tools. Let’s take a look at a few ways a business can achieve this.
10 Free Ways to Promote Business
1. Add Business in Google Business Directory

Adding your company’s name to the Google Business Directory is almost like a necessity and practically the most basic step in starting your brand promotion in the virtual cosmos. As the internet is the new playground today for every business and commercial segment out there, a Google listing can do wonders to not only enhance the brand reachability but also the credibility of the brand name in the market for being listed on a well-recognized and widely accessible platform. It increases the chances of a business to be more easily located and find a greater number of customers at just a few clicks.

2. Add Services Across Online Business Directories
online directory

More often than not, even the best of the services that a business offers are not brought to the forefront as such and the customers don’t get to experience the right service when needed. That’s because at times, businesses focus a lot on creating a brand name and niche rather than highlighting the services that they provide and their exact outreach for the particular segments of society.

When a business adds its services categorically across the different online business directories, they are also reached out by people searching for particular services rather than just for their name or goodwill in the market. This increases the chances for being accessible to a much wider audience in a rather short period.






3. Never Compromise on Quality

This is probably the most important facet of any business that is to never compromise on the quality of the product or service that you offer to your customers. In today’s fast paced scenario, where people are busy as well as earning better, their focus tends to be on quality which they want and deserve. This makes room for tough market competition as well as gone are the days where affordability ranked over quality. Today, quality product/ service is supreme and this needs to be the mantra for every business that is out to succeed.

4. Develop Strong Customer Relationships
customer relationships

One doesn’t have to be a genius to understand that there is no better way of brand promotion than through the word of mouth of a string of happy and satisfied clients. Client is the king today more than ever with a serious potential to make or mar your business like no other factor. Developing strong customer relationships through great service throughout is the perfect way to give your brand a good name in the market that can be instantly relied upon by people. There is nothing that comes close to a good customer review, be it online or offline that can give a brand that edge over others in the league.

5. Attend a Business Seminar or Event
customer relationships

Nowadays, businesses can’t just stay confined to their small zone like concentrating on their services or products and business strategy alone, they need to step out and see where the world is headed. Many events and business seminars are being conducted now and then in almost every prominent location for all different business segments to come and learn from other businesses as well as promote their own business across. This not only keeps a business updated of the trends and prevailing scenarios but also helps them contribute to the business society at large. 

6. SEO-Friendly Website
SEO-Friendly Website

Where the world of internet has revolutionized the way businesses and every other being operates now, having an SEO-friendly website or just being on top of the SEO searches through relevant keywords is a rather simple, basic yet sure shot way to promote your brand in a conducive manner almost instantly, over some time.

Your business’s SEO ranking in the search engine plays a major role in how easily and how much on top your business is findable for the customers when looking out for a particular service or product. Not just in being found with your potential and still unknown customers, a good SEO ranking also aids a great deal with your sales pitch when showing your brand page to a customer in person. 

7. Social Media Activity
social media activity

Social Media is aptly known as the major source of news, connectivity and business networking in the current changed scenario. Being active and relevant on the prominent social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others is a must for almost every business to become a household name and attain the required visibility in front of the customers as well as the various media outlets that write about the upcoming brands in the market from time to time.

More so, mostly customers from all domains and of all age groups are present on some social media platform and that makes approachability simple, cheap and closely relatable for the people to belong to.  

8. YouTube Add

YouTube is another insanely popular social media channel that majorly helps one in promoting the brand in the visual form while showcasing the product or service in a more explanatory manner. These days many popular youtubers have their channels with a great fan following and many brands are increasingly partnering with them to promote their brand and make it easily reach their fan base through them.

Influencers have a great power to draw crowds to brands that people can then relate to. Videos are the rage today much more than a graphic post that is still and less expressive, which makes YouTube the perfect place to highlight your brand’s USP and services in detail.

9. Take Part in Community Forum Discussions

Just as much the influencers of the social media have an impact on shaping people’s psyche and setting of trends in the industry, the majority of people talking about something in particular as part of a community be it for a brand or utility service, holds great value and impact on how the customers are directed. This makes taking active part in community forum discussions on behalf of or even support of topics related to your brand and product/ service is imperative. It only helps in brand promotion but also helps one develop a unique identity by having an appropriate say in the society. 

10. Contribute to Social Work

This is certainly something that doesn’t go unnoticed by the people and community as a whole when a brand indulges in worthy causes, doing their bit towards improving the society at large. Contributing towards social work for the welfare of the underprivileged is not just another way of brand promotion or marketing but is also a commercial obligation for a brand to give back part of what they have earned through the society itself. Such a brand promotion, if done the right way, is highly beneficial and impactful for creating a conducive image for your business. 

So, these are a few among the many free ways to promote one’s business and brand in the market without burning a hole in the pocket or even needing too much time or effort. Many of these can be implemented swiftly and almost integrated naturally within the business flow to market well and succeed ahead.