10 Free Ways to Promote Business

10 Free Ways to Promote Business

In an internet age, marketing, branding, and promotion is everything. If your business does not have a market presence, then it will not get a regular business. Here are some ways you can promote your business:

10 Free Ways to Promote Business

1. Add Business in Google Business Directory


Google Business Directory is a repository of most online businesses in the world. It is a very good idea to upload details about your business to this directory. Any potential customers who will look for your type of services on Google Directory will come across your company profile. Naturally, this will give you more business and also allow your market through it. Your reputation will also get benefits from having your name on Google Business Directory. Most businesses on Google Business Directory are legitimate and so, you can expect to use it for brand and reputation building. Finally, Google Business Directory offers a lot of additional benefits in terms of plugins and syncs. Being tied with Google and having a direct link from your website there might help you get better rankings. This is obviously very good for your business and it makes doing business on a larger level much easier. Make sure you provide all key details and find out how to use Google Business Directory to the fullest.

2. Add Services Across Online Business Directories

Another very common way of promoting business offerings is via directory listing. Before the internet became a commonplace to search for services, this is where people looked for what they wanted. Nowadays, smart business owners use both online and offline listings. Of course, this requires you to periodically update your listings. With that said, you will benefit greatly from getting the exposure irrespective of your business scale.

Business directories also serve as a means of contacting other businesses. This is a great idea if you want to collaborate with other business owners. Further, they also show how these competitors are promoting their own business. You can take cues from their business listing and enhance your marketing activities accordingly. Finally, your business is more likely to get invites from industry event organizers if you have listings. So, making these listing is very important. There are some good online business directory.






3. Never Compromise on Quality

Despite all the marketing and promotion online, the final product or service you give is the bedrock of your business reputation. So, you need to keep that ironclad to grow your business in the long run. Otherwise, you can do all kind of marketing both online and offline and still not get any response from the market. Further, reputation once lost is hard to get back. You need to ensure your quality standard remains strong at all times.

The quality factor doesn’t just affect your product, it affects every aspect of your business. You need to maintain a quality standard on all external and internal processes starting from your employees, your infrastructure, your client relations, accountancy management etc. This holistic approach will the be reflected in marketing and you can use the factors mentioned here to best effect.

4. Develop Strong Customer Relationships

customer relationships

Selling to customers is not the only thing you need to do as a business. You also need to provide them strong after sales service. This is very important because you need to manage and enhance your reputation. This will help you get better at tapping into the market and also ensure a strong repose. People like companies who are responsive and care for giving them a good product. After-sales services will ensure that you can capitalize on your strong product offering and secure market goodwill.

There are many ways to develop customer relationships. It all starts with you opening up channels of communication. Be ready to address queries on phone, email, social media and everything else. Ideally, you should respond to every query sent within 24 hours. The exception is of course the weekends. Other than that, you should always be eager to respond to any queries sent to you.

5. Attend a Business Seminar or Event

customer relationships

Business seminars are an obvious choice for any aspiring businessperson. You get to meet with other professionals and business owners from your industry. You get to exchange ideas and make better contacts. But more importantly, it gives you a chance to present your business growth and use your online media presence to do so. This is a great way to dynamic your online activity with physical or offline marketing.

If you are aiming for or already working in the B2B sector, then business events are a must-attend. Using your social media and website to sync in with any presentation you may want to give is also smart. Doing this will help you get more returns on your presentation. This may even work through your business card. So, if you are planning on attending an event for your business, do get all your online promotions to make the most of it.

6. SEO-Friendly Website

SEO-Friendly Website

SEO-friendly websites are the backbone of modern businesses. You need to have a SEO-based website to draw business from online sources. Since everyone looks for online services nowadays, you will get a lot more business if people can find you easily. Creating an SEO website is a very move. It does not cost much either from development to yearly maintenance.

If you create a website, it will need ongoing work. This may seem like an investment expense but it will pay you a lot better in the long run. You can hire professional agencies to work on your website for you. This will ensure you can appear on the first Google search results page for your specific business query.

Also, you can use your website as a base for doing other business activities. You can contact other businesses, clients, promoters, marketers and organizations through your website. All of this will create traffic on the website and help you derive more value from your online presence.

7. Social Media Activity

social media activity

Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s life. You can hardly find anyone who dos noes not have a Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account. This gives businesses the chance to market to them in many ways. As a business owner with an online presence, you must use these three social media build your brand presence. Companies can basically market for free extensively through social media.  This can also have a lot of benefit for reputation building beyond the technical side. Using social media for events, sales and other stuff is a great idea.

With that said, social media activity is very competitive. You have to be regular with posts, connect with industry peers, check their activity and keep things fresh. The ongoing work can be tricky so hiring professionals for the job is a good idea. Digital marketing and social media marketing experts can help you get much more value. To start off with, you need to get a business page on all three social media. Once you have a small following, you can considering moving beyond and opting for paid promotion.

8. YouTube Add

YouTube is one of the best places to build your company’s online profile in the most interactive ways. It has many video options by which you can go from short 1-minute scripts to full-size documentaries. All of this adds to your online presence and it can be cross-linked with other platforms. Naturally, this opens up a new way to reach out to your target audience and involve them through video. This will increase your brand presence provided you have compelling and competitive.

So, you can upload your videos on YouTube and post them on all popular social media. You can also draw interest on your website through the descriptions as well. So, it fits in very nicely with the rest of the online marketing that you can do. Additionally, you can use your YouTube account to pitch advertisements to your demographic.

9. Take Part in Community Forum Discussions

Many online communities have post threads discussing different aspects of any business. Whether you offer a product or service, you can promote your business by joining forums. Businesspersons, customers and many other types of people often post questions relating to the product that you are selling. This allows you to share expert insighrt while also developing a strong relationship network. As a professional, you can count on these relationships to market your products better. Further, forums usually keep track of members and the number of questions they’ve answered. Quora is a good example and Reddit can be a useful place as well. So, when you answer many questions, you can build your reputation and then benefit your company. Also, these questions answered can be tied up with your business social media page in many ways. This gives a great chance to cross market across multiple platforms and grow your online footprint.

10. Contribute to Social Work

Businesses which give back to the community or market they cater to are much more likely to have strong goodwill. As a business owner, you need to develop your presence in the market. Now, there are many ways to do this. The first and most obvious is to simply work with an NGO. This will give you an instant market reach and enable you expand your market visibility. Other ways include making your own trust for children or the elderly or persons with disabilities. You can also associate with government bodies and contribute to funding their public works.

Whatever method you choose to develop your social presence, you should set aside a set fund for it. Ideally, you should grow this as well each successive year. You can use this as a marketing tool during the drives but also in other activities which are related to the work.