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Transport Management Software 2020

With the growing technology, the transport sector is also growing and is using new kinds of technology and solutions to get cost-effective results. One example of such kind of technology that is used in the transport industry is Transport Management software that offers numerous benefits to businesses.

The software aimed at reducing transportation costs along with increasing delivery reliability by collaborating with all modes and providers. The software is used by businesses to manage their national and international transportation along with monitoring the exact life-cycle of transportation. 

Some other benefits offered by transport software include route planning and optimization, load optimization, smoother audit and payment process, advanced shipping, order visibility among many others thus inspiring the companies to deploy transport management software within the organization. 

online transport management system
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Need A Transport Management Software?

Whether it is 10 or 10000 vehicles, employees, or branches it is very difficult to maintain them all manually.

But if you go with the system then it becomes easy for you. Transport Management Software helps in managing the business spread across the country and abroad in a very easy way.

Disarmament transport software is helpful in vehicle, accounting, supply chain systems, and employees as well as in looking after the entire business.

Not only this but it also provides you all taxes and banking related information.

online transport management system

Find The Best Solutions That Fits With Your Business

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Finding the best transport software for your business is a daunting task especially when there are many companies available in the market. You can choose the best transportation management software for your business by checking its reviews, pricing, etc 

Bharat Software Solutions will help you to plan and control the managing of the goods and acts as a significant point of contact between origin and consumption. So use the best TMS software that can prove an asset for your business along with offering hassle-free transportation of goods to your clients.

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Software Features

Transport Accounting System

Being able to manage the accounting part of your transport business is crucial for increasing costs can eat into your bottom line if not tracked, recorded and audited properly. The best transport accounting software is one that has a few of these key elements:

  • Help in the decision-making process to lower freight costs.
  • Automation of freight invoice and maintenance of record.
  • Assisting in invoice consolidation and auditing processes.
  • Assisting in consolidating and maintaining of accounts payable.

The right transport accounting software helps provide essential data that helps not only in reducing costs but also in devising the right pricing strategies, in control and management of costs.

Transport Accounting System

Fleet Management System

The Fleet management system is a standalone app or a cloud product that assists businesses in maintaining optimal use of their work vehicles from a central platform. Besides the software, this software also involves the use of a telematics unit with a human interface device. By using a fleet management system, the businesses can track a large number of a vehicle’s data including their speed, temperature, engine block, fuel level, door opening, their location, route direction among many other and can use the same in offering the best and timely services to their customers.

The data which is received from a vehicle’s sensors will be displayed to the manager who in turn uses the same information to track the vehicles in real-time and in estimating the expected time to reach the destination.

fleet management software

Consignment Tracking

consignment tracking software

While managing a business that operates through a fleet of vehicles, you must have relevant information about the where abouts of the given vehicle at every point of time. By using system, the businesses can where about of their vehicles and their exact location on the map. This also allows them to see which vehicle is in motion and towards which direction.

The same information can be used by the clients to check the exact status of their consignment and the exact time of delivery of the goods. With the booming GPS tracking technology, the owners of the fleet can monitor their vehicle speed, routes, engine start-up and shut down, idling and routes. Such control of the fleet of vehicles helps businesses to manage their transportation and logistics business smoothly and in a cost-friendly way as well.

Manage Branches

You can check the details of your other branches online which include several consignments that are booked, stock availability in your godown, number of truck operational service and much more information related to total monthly billing amount as well. With the boom in technology, advanced tools are being used by businesses to automate operations and improve the sharing of information. Keeping a track of all the activities across your branches has become much easier with the help of this application offered by our young  and expert team.

Payroll System

Payroll management in the road freight transport industry is one of the most challenging and time-taking tasks which need to be streamlined to manage even the complex business requirements as well. For the majority of the businesses in the transport sector, one of the most common concerns is the growing shipping cost which even exceeds the costs like direct and indirect payroll or utilities.

Whether you are managing a complex business or satisfying the basic transportation needs, you need to install effective and useful transport management software which can help in reducing the overall cost significantly along with offering numerous other benefits. The payroll system helps in tracking the number of working hours of the employees, calculating wages, checking taxes and other kind of deductions, paying taxes to the government among many other benefits.

Secured Business Data

  • Transporting money and different resources can be a perilous recommendation, however, in the business world, it is an important piece of the procedure.
  • Due to this expanded risk, verified transportation organizations give an administration that organizations need.
  • In the event that you wish to benefit from this need, beginning a verified transport business may furnish you with a rewarding chance.
  • Before engaging with this business opportunity, it is critical to consider every one of the means included first.
  • Get protection arrangements for our verified transport organization. When you claim significant resource for different organizations, you are taking on a lot of obligation.

Annexure(MIS) Report

  • Transport Accounting System make chartered accountancy audits and annexure reports much simpler.
  • Since all the relevant information a CA would need to generate their report is provided, the task is streamlined.
  • Further, all data is available to the executive management and they can cross-check inconsistencies with the report as well.
  • This ensures that all CA audit processes are carried on transparently. Further, any kind of tampering would also be on record and so, there is no chance of untraceable inconsistencies in the audits.
  • Annexure reports created using our TMS also reflect the clear and concise data representation.
  • All financial data sets are clearly laid out and the entire audit process gets much easier because of it.
  • All parties are also able to segment complex data into much more easily understood fractions.

Client Management

  • Transport management software have an inbuilt client management system.
  • The software allows company customer relation employees to manage customer profiles.
  • The profiles are customizable and contain all essential entry fields for substantiating the profile.
  • This allows not just account managers but also their subordinates to manage and add entries to accounts.
  • The client management process also allows for registering complaints or instructions for specific deliveries.
  • These can help provide more customized services to clients.
  • The complaints can also be implemented and resolved and executives can be informed of the same.
  • This helps ensure service processes are optimized for each client.

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Bharat Software Solutions is India’s no.1 Transport Management Software provider that allows businesses to enhance their overall logistics process and automate transport-related operations on a real-time basis. Our mission is to add significant value by offering transport software that can assist the companies operating in this filed to manage their fleet and freight efficiently. 

Since inception, the company has delivered a lot of user-friendly and high-quality management software to a wide range of industries, including small, mid-size and large businesses. Our commitment and dedication towards our clients have helped us in becoming the best transport management software company in Delhi, offering excellent services to the clients located in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, faridabad etc. By adopting progressive and advanced systems, businesses can maximize their profits along with reducing the overall costs to a significant level.

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Online transport software is best for business management as it ensures a smooth and systematic way of managing the business. By using transport software, the companies can have quick and easy entry and smooth running of their business. Whether you are dealing with B2B transport or client-side delivery, you need to have an advanced  system to work with.

Today having an advanced and latest TMS is the best choice that can help your business to grow tremendously. A TMS system is a part of supply chain management that is used to plan, execute and optimize the physical movements of goods from one place to another. In simpler words, we can say that it is a logistics platform that allows the users to manage and optimize the daily operations of their transportation fleets more smoothly and cost-effectively.

Yes the software offered by us can manage the accounting process automatically. Accounting is the systematic practice where the financial information is recorded systemically and is done for internal and external audits. By using the software offered by us, the businesses can use the available resources in their accounting departments efficiently along with lowering the chances of bookkeeping mistakes. Under the manual bookkeeping processes, the chances of errors in the mathematical calculations are much higher and incorrect calculations can negatively impact the end balance greatly. But by using the software designed by us, the companies can lower the chances of making such kind of errors and can improve the overall accounting accuracy as well.

Revenue leakage is the unnoticed or unconsidered loss of revenue within a company that can occur from both the revenue and the expenditure side. Mostly revenue leakage is considered as not billing your customer for products and services provided. Both small and medium-sized businesses need to have a close eye on revenue leakage so that they can prepare for a strong year ahead. You can use an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system which helps in reducing the chances of internal leakage within the company who mostly depend on spreadsheets or manual forms to manage invoicing, pricing and expenses. You can deploy ERP solutions that are within the reach of small, medium and large businesses as well and can be sure that growing revenues will result in higher profits in the future.