Freight Broker Software

A Software For Freight Brokers(agents)?

freight broker software

Freight brokers or transport agents are intermediaries between the party that wants to transport his goods(the shipper) and the party that executes freight transportation (the freight transportation company).

Brokerage is a transaction where the intermediary earns a commission due to his effort and contacts. Freight broker software guide the agent to keep track of the commission or income he has earned from both the booking company and the freight transporter.

The Freight broker software helps the broker to keep a track of the booking price he charges and the commissions he earns from the booking companies on one hand and the freight transporter on the other hand.

Bharat’s Freight broker software is targeted at the SME transporter and is designed to improve his efficiency by helping him save on time and money. The system provides a complete solution for consignment delivery, fleet management, order management, compliance and safety, and accounting.

Customize Freight Broker Software

A freight broker simply is an individual or a company that brings together a shipper that needs to transport goods with an authorized motor carrier that wants to provide the service. The agent software is designed to help you buy what you need today according to your current requirements and as your business grows along with technological improvements, it helps you to upgrade the system.

There are dozens of transport management system available in the market catering to a plethora of intermediaries or freight brokers. Our management system helps in tracking the goods so that the broker can update his customer on the exact movement of his consignment while the goods booking system helps the broker keep a record of the price and the detailed list of the products.

The truck hiring system enables simple loading of the truck while the auto accounting system helps to categorize the vehicles/products by assigning a price to it.

How Does The Software Help To Agent?

Consignments are goods or products that a shipper sends to the transporter for delivery to the end customer. The software through the consignment booking facility enables a broker to know and keep a track of the nature and type of products that have been booked, the price to be paid by the shipper, and the commission that the broker is entitled to.

The transport broker management software also helps the intermediary to manage the location of the consignment in different trucks of the transportation company, their movement, and the cost it incurs. A new management program is thus ideal for a broker to streamline his operations.

An application is ideal and most suitable for godown or warehouse management. In a country like India, godowns are often located in the deep crannies of an ally or below the surface, that is, underground. The broker application helps consignment negotiation through these tough geographies and enables the correct placement of the goods in the appropriate location.

Similarly, warehouses are often large and are located invariably on the outskirts of the town/city. The management program is designed to ensure the optimum utilization of the space in the warehouse and for easy identification of the goods.

Truck hiring is a complicated procedure because trucks come in various shapes and sizes and truck companies have dozens or hundreds of trucks at their disposal. Choosing the right truck company or the proper type of truck for the transit of your goods can be a daunting task.

The business management software is designed to help you identify the right trucking company for your specific requirement and the right type and size of truck for the goods you seek to transport.

Besides this, the charges for hiring a truck could vary from transporter to transporter. The agent  software helps you to work with the truck providing companies, the correct truck type at the most optimum price.

Shipping has two aspects to the process: one is dispatching of the consignment by the shipper to the transporter and the second is the despatch of the truck full of the consignment to the end-user by the trucking company.

It helps both the shipper to manage the dispatch of his goods to the transporter and the dispatch of the trucks full of the consignment by the transporter also helps to schedule the release of trucks at the proper time to ensure optimum journey and reduce driver fatigue.

The system is ideal for bookkeeping and accounting as the data is stored on the cloud and is secure and can be easily retrieved. If you get your accounting wrong, your business will go in a tailspin and is doomed. That is why smart transporters rely on Bharat’s Freight broker software to keep a tab on accounts receivables, invoices, salaries, expenses, and income.

Proper accounting helps to give you a clear picture of your cash inflow and the cash outflow. This helps you to determine where you can tighten or curtail your expenses so that wasteful expenditure can be minimized and cash liquidity can be maintained at the correct levels to sustain your business.