Transport Software For Small Business

Software For Small Transport Business

The size of the Indian transport industry is $215 billion. Despite being a huge industry, many industry players are not taking advantage of digital tools and technology. These players majorly include small & medium transporters. Data analysis and cloud-based software can leverage high profits for such transporters.

When it comes to business management solutions for small transporters, transport software is integral to the process. Transport Software for small businesses like Bharat Software Solutions is a gem for small players in the industry as it helps manage everything in the transportation process right from one dashboard. Whether it is your bookings, trucks, driver, or anything, you can enjoy 100% control over business operations. 

If you use a management system to make your small-scale business grow, you need to focus on its features and functions. Some of the important TMS features include driver management, consignment tracking, booking handling, etc. Another crucial aspect that you should look at in a TMS is that it should be easy to use because most of the transport personnel are not much tech-savvy. 

We understand that taking your transport business online from offline involves some challenges in the initial stages. However, when you start using management applications regularly, you will enjoy it as it eliminates most of the manual process of management. For example, you don’t have to call up a driver to tracks the consignment; it can all be done through your TMS. 

A TMS that is simple to use, feature-rich, and cost-effective makes for the best solutions for the transporter. Up next in this article, you will understand in detail that how your business application will assist you in day-to-day business operations. 

Benefits of Management System

(a) Online Management 

Whether you have just started your goods forwarding company or have been in the industry for a while, you already understand the challenges faced in business management. These challenges become more difficult to handle when all needs to be done manually. You have to ask your staff about operations and look into the matter manually for better management. At some point in the process, every transporter wished for an automated & online management system that can take care of daily transport operations like payment, bookings, fleet, etc. 

You have now got a one-stop solution for the management of all transportation tasks. This optimized solution manages everything online and automatically. Now, you don’t have to do a lot of paperwork as everything can be recorded as digital documents. It not just records data but also offers you detailed reports for quick and better decision-making. 

The transporter has a lack of financial flexibility to hire separate managers for different departments like finance managers, and operations managers can use small software for their transport industry. With the help of an affordable system, you can look into the finances, operations, and other activities online by yourself.

The best part about the online management system is that it assists you from the beginning to the end of the bookings. Even before you finalize any order; it will help you with the best routes for any particular location so you can quote the best price to the customers. All you need to do is to put the required data for once and let the TMS do its job. 

(b) Business Analysis

Analyzing your transport business is highly vital to make it grow over some time. Having an insight into business operations and performance is very important to take necessary actions on time. To run a successful business, you must be aware of potential risks that can lead to losses. If you are updated on potential business threats, you will be able to take develop a backup plan to prevent any kind of losses in your transportation business. 

For small transporters, SWOT analysis becomes even more important because of the unavailability of enough funds. Manual business analysis is not just a tedious task but also highly prone to mistakes. You may skip something important during analysis, which may lead to monetary losses. Therefore, you should try a business management system that reflects the true image of your transport company. The TMS will show you performance gaps via detailed reports. By properly studying these reports, you can identify where your business is lacking. Furthermore, you will be able to understand all Key Performance Indicators. 

You can make your transport process more optimized with proper business analysis. A smart TMS serves as an efficient business analyst for small transporters. 

(c) Optimized Management

The third benefit of the business system is that it helps you with process optimization. It allows you for the optimized management of your transport business. Optimization is crucial to run a successful business. It helps you eliminate unwanted steps and costs in the process so your business operations turn highly relevant.

When it comes to SaaS platforms, many important integrations and functionalities are not available. Therefore, you should choose customizable business software for your transport company. We are telling you to get a customized system because you will get only the required features and functionalities that suit your business environment ideally. Another plus point of custom-made software is that it helps optimize the cost of operations to a great extent.

To explain to you a bit clearer, let us take an example; suppose a consignment is on its way to the destination point and you want to know the current location of your fleet. You are unable to speak to the driver due to some problem. Now, a lot of chaos will happen due to a lack of communication.

The consignment tracking feature will help you manage consignments in an optimized manner. Similarly, there are other activities in your transport company that needs optimization and TMS has got you covered. 

(d) Business Scale

Being a small transporter, your dream is to become a renowned player in the transportation and logistics industry. One of the strategies to scale your business is efficient management. When you have even minute information about your company and daily operations, then you will be able to control and optimize things smartly. A technical business management system is a true companion that facilitates business growth without adding up to the cost sheet. 

To make profitable decisions, one must have an idea of KPIs. Your management software will help you discover strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats that would further lead to wise decision-making for your transport business. You will be able to take the necessary measures to curb the gap between your actions and your growth strategy. Cost optimization is the biggest benefit of TMS; it gives you multiple ways to get things done at the least cost. 

As mentioned above, you should focus on tailor-made TMS because you get only the required integrations in it that would simplify the software use. You can customize your software as per your company’s requirements.

No business can scale without satisfying its clients. Therefore, your motive should be to achieve a smile on your customer’s face so they will return to your whenever they need transport services. Let us explain how- you will be able to offer quality services such as tracking ID for consignment tracking, best quote for booking, etc. 

Furthermore, the growth of a business is highly dependent on its employees. If your employees are dedicated to their responsibilities, your company will automatically perform well in the market. This will also help in impressing your clients. The payroll management feature in your TMS calculates the payout of your employees without any errors that get you employee satisfaction. 

(e) Affordable Price

Last but not least, transport software for small transporter comes at an affordable price. If you hire separate employees to manage accounts, fieldwork, and other jobs, the total cost will be going up which may be hard to manage for a small transport business. However, if you hire management software, you will have to invest just one time. There is a huge difference between the cost of hiring multiple employees and getting a TMS. 

When we talk about TMS, it is a treasure box for small transporters as it includes valuable features. This treasure box is highly reasonable because we want to convert your small transport business into a large-scale transport brand. We are glad to come up with such an amazing TMS at an affordable price to help you with business growth and success. 

As far as money is concerned, our TMS is not just affordable but also cost-efficient (helps in cost optimization). For instance, its fleet management feature will notify you of dates of vehicle servicing, license renewal, etc. so you don’t get penalized or charged extra in any case. 

A small transporter is dependent on spreadsheets and various manual methods to handle transportation. But they can now invest in an affordable TMS to online and efficient management. 


Transport management software for small transporters plays a key role in the business processes, influencing every step of the process. A TMS can assist your business plan, execute, and optimize the transportation of goods. The main objective behind the development of business management is to assist small transporters.

In short, small software automates business operations for more accurate and faster proceedings. Moreover, it helps you to scale your business by meeting and exceeding customer needs.

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