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Bharat Software Solutions is an ISO certified organization, was established and registered in 1996. It is a unit of Bharat Group of Companies. Our IT software Firm is dedicated to developing customized management software for logistics and transport organization in order to improve their work strategy. Since the time it has been founded, BSS has delivered a lot of user-friendly and high-quality management software for a wide range of industries.

Our development provides an entire span of services by ascending your domain and business expertise with complete technical support. Our offerings span business and technology awareness, application services, system amalgamation, product expertise, logistics and transport software, prolongation, self-governing and evident services, business process deploying and deployment of knowledge too.


To offer a product and accompanying services to various business entities in the transportation industry that would help them move from manually-operated and managed business processes to automated and efficient workflows.

To ensure that every aspect of their working, their organizational goals, and their bottom lines are addressed rightly and accurately while providing them with end-to-end software program armed with flexibility and adaptability for future growth and expansion.

To facilitate small transporter to adapt and embrace systems that add credibility, accountability, and transparency in their day-to-day working. To create an environment of continuous learning that positively impacts the organization.


Our vision is to give the transportation sector in the country an impetus that helps them move out of manually-driven work processes by the implementation of forward-looking and new-age technology.

We want to push every small and big unit in the sector to optimize their business operations by managing their processes realistically and efficiently; and in so doing, reap the true benefits of their business and attain maximum profitability.

Our vision is to educate the industry with the goodness of adopting progressive systems and processes that would help them maximize their profits, minimize their costs and wastages in a sustainable and well-planned manner.


Our team of experts consists of people at the helm of affairs who have multiple industry experiences. While some have burnt the midnight oil in the transportation industry itself, some have been involved in software development through and through while some are respected financial gurus in their domain.

Besides qualification and experience, the Expert Team at Bharat Software Solutions is bestowed with a futuristic mindset that has helped them understand the nuances of manually operated systems and processes in the transportation industry to offer sound and effective solutions that have helped augment the business performances of our clients.

Management Solutions For

And unification services to the business that wish to establish or intensify their presence online.

This management system is a leading custom software development and deploying company in India.

Some of our most illustrious clients have shown faith and reliability in our exclusive logistics and transport software deploying experience to get their project done timely and also within budget.