Full Truckload Management System

Digitization of the transport sector keeps it free from fraud and helps it become transparent and orderly.

It helps save time and effort, be it loading-unloading, smooth goods movement,  and reduces cost by minimizing unnecessary formalities.

Bharat Software’s full truckload management software helps a goods movement company improve efficiency by streamlining processes that improve performance and services.

Full truckload service means that a truck carrier transports the goods or shipments of one single company whether the truck is full or partly empty.

Although expensive since one single company has to bear the entire cost of the truck, however, it ensures faster and quality service.

Since a single company gives the order for a full truckload service, The FTL System helps the goods movement company to process an order with greater accuracy and service standards.

Manage FTL Transportation Services

manage full truckload services

The FTL System is extremely hi-tech which helps optimize truck management by reducing time and wasteful expenditures.

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Software Optimization Features

The full truckload management software has many benefits for the transporter-like: Accountability, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Mobility, Reports and Alerts, Rate List, Attractive Dashboards, Work Virtually Anywhere, Quick and Flexible Solutions.

These benefits ensure a guarantee of service quality, real-time information on the movement of the trucks, and the rates being offered or charged, flexibility, and immediate trouble-shooting.

The system also helpful in  part truckload management. This FTL software helps to optimize the route and costs since in this case, a truck has part consignment from two or more companies that have to be delivered to different destinations.

It guides the user to bring in the scale of efficiencies and costs since in this case the consignment costs are shared between two or more shipment companies which as a result reduces the per-unit cost for each company.

Manual maintenance of consignments locations may lead to errors but with the introduction of this software, it makes the whole process faster, simpler, and cheaper.

consignment management

Since the transport and trucking industry is highly complex, trucking companies need software that can streamline operations and ensure efficiencies of scale.

This transport management software technologically-advanced features make it highly efficient. This intelligent and comprehensive software is ideal for full truckload service provider with a pan-India operation as it smartly eases routine operations and ensures high performance.

Our software makes management of multiple branch operations and hundreds of trucks easy and simple. If a truck has goods from multiple companies, the application helps keep track of the consignment for easy retrieval and end-point delivery.

Trucking and transport companies come in all shapes and sizes. From small, mid- to large-sized companies, these companies can have trucks ranging from one or two to a dozen and even hundreds of trucks.

Keeping a track of all the trucks, their routes, fuel consumption, driver costs all can be done by truck load management software. Besides for long distances, drivers have to take rest midway for fuelling and truck servicing or repair, and our software helps do this.

Fuel and time optimization along with route scheduling are other features of  management software.

Efficient accounting is the backbone of all business operations and this applies to the trucking sector too. In the trucking business, you have to maintain a record of expenses like charges to the client, drivers’ salaries, fuel, labor costs, maintenance of trucks, repairs, road taxes, parking expenses, cost towards drivers’ maintenance while on duty, and many more.

The cash receivables include payments from clients and maintaining your accounts and balance. The accounting system helps maintain the accounts for all these incomes and expenses and ensures efficiencies in scale, optimization of costs, and reduction in wasteful expenditures.

It has a well-defined, pre-calibrated process for assessing and fixing the rates for its various services and processes.

The freight rate is calculated based on the type of goods, the quantity of the goods or the consignment in a truck, the mileage incurred while transiting to a destination, and many more factors.

Rates are also dependent on the kind of station or the end destination depending on the geography, location, and accessibility.

Other factors like the weight of the consignment also affect the rates. Larger, voluminous, and heavy consignments attract higher rates while smaller, light freight attracts lesser rates.

When you use the full load transport software, you can cut down on expenses by reducing your accounting and clerical staff as the software can process orders like booking of a consignment and automatically factors in details of size, weight, type, destination, etc.

Manually doing these tasks would be extremely time-consuming and would seriously hamper smooth operations thereby incurring wasteful expenditures.

The FTL management software also automatically generates digital document challan copy, gate pass, invoices, and proof of delivery.