Full Load Transport Software

full truckload management software

Transport software is meant to make working and functioning of a goods movement company effectual and extremely high on efficiency. The software helps the company productively manage the processes with guarantee of high-performance and faster services.

What is full truck load or FTL service?

In this case the truck carries a dedicated consignment – in other words, it means that a single full truck carries the shipment of one company – whether or not the entire truck is filled up with the volume of the consignment. Though this method is expensive because the cost towards the full truck and transportation needs to be borne by a single company, there is a guarantee of service levels and it is also a comparatively faster process.

The goods movement company receives the order from a single customer. Making use of the right FTL transport software helps the company process orders with greater accuracy and service standards.  Advantages of using an optimized transport software in the case of full truck load are:

  • Such a system helps in automating the entire logistics integrating all key functions and processes so that manual errors have no scope of hurting the bottom line of the business. From helping with precise calculation of fuel surcharges to maintaining the address book and contact details properly, the software is a boon that helps optimizing shipping costs.


  • Helps the transport company as well as the client to keep a track of the truck in the real-time. From the time the order is received and processed to the final delivery at the go-down of the client, the entire process is live and online, fed on a state-of-the-art architecture and framework. Going a step ahead, feeds from such transport software systems are now available direct on the mobile smartphone or other smart devices from where the manager of the transport company and the client can engage with the truck driver as well as with each other getting live update on the status of the consignment.


  • At the end, such a kind of hi-tech software system helps with enhanced data analysis that can be used by both, the transport company and the client for better freight and shipment transport and deliveries along with effectually reducing costs and eliminating unnecessary expenses.


  • All in all, the transport software helps bettering FTL customer service and assists in prompter and faster decision making.


Enhanced speed and optimized freight management, the software helps manage the entire movement of goods smartly and wisely!

Easy Full Truckload Transport Software

A leading transport management software development company well-known by the brand name Bharat Software Solutions(BSS) proudly launches its one of the most awaiting full truckload transport software for the goods movement companies. The technology-based features make it highly efficient. The smart use will not only ease your routine operations but also prove as the high-performance management software for you and your fast growing transport company providing services across the country.

The operation and the successful management of the widest type of the day to day activities is a highly challenging task, particularly in the transport companies. In the companies with the branches at the multiple locations in the various cities, the management becomes more hectic. Our user-friendly and featured full truckload transport management software is the perfect solution to all the problems faced in the efficient management of transport company operation and management.

Easy Full Truckload Transport Software

  • Accountability
  • Business Intelligence
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Reports and Alerts
  • Time and Task Management
  • Attractive Dashboards
  • Work Virtually Anywhere
  • Quick and Flexible Solution