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E-training is an effective way to educate users about the complete description and features of products and software your business is providing. Basically e-training is an electronic training or online training that guide and provide solutions to the user.

With the help of an e-training program, the only aim of BTMS is to make its user aware of the software flow, how it works, and how it is to be used for business purposes. It is a kind of user guide where you learn from minor to major details and features, user interfaces of software in a purely informative and collaborative way.

Primarily, E-training is an e-book of BTMS (Bharat Transport Management System) where a user can access the e-training feature free of cost. 

Our e-training program provides work management training for the users through

  • Onsite, 
  • Online mode, 
  • Captivating video tutorials, 
  • Telephonic, 
  • And e-training.

So What is BTMS?

To ease the work of transporters and to optimize their operations in a hassle-free manner, Bharat Software Solutions(BSS) has developed a cutting-edge online business management application is known as “BTMS” stands for Bharat Transport Management System. Managing logistics and transportation operations is not a cake-walk activity. There are lots of operations involved in the process and streamlining them requires a optimize management.

This application optimizes and streamlines the business process. Bharat Software Solutions is working over the past 13 years to develop a good management system for the software user.

BTMS is the brainchild of the decades of efforts and experience of the BSS. It is also known as cloud management or online management. In the unprecedented era of Covid-19 pandemic times online and onside management is the successful system.

If you feel that managing an online system needs knowledge and training or you feel that you will not be able to manage it properly, let us tell you that it is not so. The BTMS application is a user-friendly and automated application that requires no special training or expert knowledge.

Can access real-time data easily Also, if you have any concerns about the use of the app you can take the help of e-training apart from online, onside, and video tutorial help. Using these tutorial methods you can easily and effectively operate the transport management software and streamline your logistics business operations.

BTMS is transportation management software. Numerous features of BTMS include:

  • Billing & invoicing
  • Carrier management
  • Customer management
  • Dispatch management
  • Fleet/equipment management
  • Routing
  • Scheduling and many more

The most interesting part is that the e-training program of BTMS is FREE for every user. Unleash your business potential with BSS and access the free e-training program without any issues. BSS provides a seamless cross-reference experience to its users throughout life.

Benefits of E-Training

Various benefits that a user can experience through the e-learning program of BSS are:

SAVES TIME AND ENERGY Electronic training (or e-training) saves a lot of time and energy for both the organization and the employee


E- Training provides bite-sized, crisp, and interactive content and this is what a new generation prefers the most. Instead of reading 100s of pages of a manual or a user guide people prefer captivating and interactive content.


It is a one-time investment. Invest for once and reach out your content to thousands of users.


E-Training lets the user decide what and how they should learn things. About which software they want to grasp whole knowledge.


An E-training program is a user-friendly interface. There is no rocket science in accessing the free module.