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The Packers and Movers industry in India has traditionally remained in the unorganized sector. However, due to the government’s recent initiative of making registration mandatory for the Packers and Movers, the industry seems to be getting more organized.

Many of these companies have a wide network of branches across the country and have digitized their services making them more trustworthy. From shifting household items to goods, these companies now provide a plethora of services making shifting a convenient exercise for the end customer.

Bharat Software Solutions has for more than a decade provided software solutions to the transportation and logistics industry. Realizing the growth of the packers and movers sector, Our dedicated team provide packers and movers software for the benefit of the service providers and the end-user.

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The Management System Helps to Execute

With the opening of the economy in 1991, many businesses and companies have sprung up in the metros and tier-1,2,3 towns. Global corporate giants and MNCs have opened offices in these locations by the thousands. To take advantage of the economies of scale and to serve their customers, many corporate require shifting of their office and material from one location to another.

This is a cumbersome process as it requires tabulating the items to be shifted, packing and transportation, and then reinstalling and arranging. Bharat’s Packers and Movers Software provides digital solutions to keep track of the inventory during packing, transportation, and re-installment.

Whether it is the Central/State government or the armed forces, private sector, or the PSUs, employees at some point in their career are often asked to relocate to another town/city. With a large number of Packers and Movers companies that have mushroomed all over the country, choosing a trustworthy and reputed company becomes of prime importance.

During the shifting of household goods, one has to take special precautions for fragile items like electronic goods, glass, and marble, artifacts, etc. Bharat’s packers and movers software helps the packers and movers companies to keep a record of all the packed items, tracking them via GPS while in transportation and re-installment at the end destination.

Goods come in various shapes and sizes and are of various types. Packing and moving goods require a high degree of skill and expertise. Electronic goods like laptops, mobile phones, TVs, audio systems, microwaves, grills, refrigerators, etc all require special attention while packing. There are other fragile household goods like large mirrors, marble artifacts, aquariums, center tables, dining/sofa sets, beds, and more.

On the other hand, you also have perishable goods like fruits and vegetables, milk products, cans and juices, etc which have to be packed in special containers. This packing and moving Software helps to keep a tab on these goods and ensures tracking until the end destination both for the benefit of the moving company and the customers.

The major car manufacturing plants are located in the automobile hubs of Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, Pitampura (Indore). However, cars are purchased all over the country from the metros to towns and the villages too. Car transportation is a very delicate and demanding task requiring special vehicles or trains, where loading, stability, and offloading play a crucial role.

Cars are high-value goods and need to be protected and also to ensure no damage to them while in transit. The packers and movers software ensures that you can pick up and keep a track of the vehicles from the manufacturing plant to transit to rail, ship, or trucks, unloading and final delivery to the showrooms.

Other Management Benefits

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The best packers and movers software in India is all-inclusive and covers a whole lot of services. It is just not limited to corporate shifting, household relocation, car shifting, and goods carrier, but also provides solutions for complete truck management, warehouse management, and accounting.

Many Packers and Movers have hundreds and thousands of trucks and special carriers, their warehouses and godowns are large enough the size of a football field where goods have to be meticulously planned, kept, and remembered.

All this requires the inflow and outflow of cash for many purposes like fuel, salaries, transit costs, etc. This shifting system provides a one-stop solution for all these needs.

You don’t have to necessarily shell out a huge amount of money to optimize your business process to grow your business. We are presenting packers and movers software at an affordable cost due to which even a small packing and moving company can purchase it for business optimization and management.

Truck Management

The companies have a large cargo and truck often running into dozens and hundreds of vehicles. One needs to have a parking place for these vehicles, assign the drivers, keep a tab of where the goods are placed inside the vehicles, and to also ensure the safety of the goods and the drivers.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is a skilled task. These warehouses can extend from dozens to hundreds of square meters in size. You then also have godowns that may be underground. Allocating the space for these goods and keeping a tab on their location is a daunting task. 


Accounting is the bloodline of relationships and businesses too. Without proper accounting and finance, you will not be able to control your expenses and will have no idea of your income streams. Keeping a track of payroll, salaries, payment to creditors, and receivables from debtors are all enabled by transport accounting system.

“We have used packers and movers software and find it very useful. Convenient and economical, It has helped us to smoothen our operations and has helped us to conserve time and scarce resources. Our payroll and salary structure has been streamlined and we can disburse the right payments to our suppliers and employees.”

“When we were told about the system, we were a bit skeptical about its efficacy. But when we installed it to manage our fleet of over 450 trucks and carriers, we found that consignment tracking, truck loading, and fuel management besides driver management has greatly improved. This has helped us to save costs and improve efficiency.”

“Transactions like vehicle repair, fuel, drivers’ expenses, salaries, office expenses all require proper accounting. The packing and moving software provides all accounting services to packers and movers like us so that we can use our time and resources for improving our efficiency and productivity.”

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