Part Truckload Transport Software

Partial Goods Movement Optimize Operation

In the age of digitization when nearly every industry has embraced this change, the transport sector cannot be far behind.

Digitization helps to save time and cost, it helps to improve efficiency and productivity. Modern work optimization helps to keep the transport system orderly, systematic, and transparent. The part truckload software for partial goods movement service providers facilitates complex operations at the click or a tap on your smart devices.

From loading to unloading, monitoring the movement of your good from one point to another, and keeping a track of cash receivables, the partial movement system helps do this with ease and finesse.

Clients from various industries who seek to collaborate with transport companies in moving their freight would find this software very useful and easy to use. The Software not only business process but also trains those from the users’ side and provides round-the-clock customer support.

Modern Business Management

Part Truckload Management Software

Part Truck Load means that small shipments, freight, cargo, or goods from two or more clients and customers are all loaded onto one truck for delivery to different destinations or clients at varying times.

In such a scenario, it is very important to optimize the route, so that costs and time can be conserved in terms of fuel cost and time undertaken for loading and unloading.

Since two or more customers’ goods are all loaded onto one truck, it helps the clients to save on cost per unit, however, they have to wait for a longer time to receive the delivery of the goods since this process consumes more time.

Bharat Software’s partial truckload software for transport service providers helps to manage and streamline the multi-port delivery process and makes it highly effective.

By eliminating manual handling and the ensuing delays and postponement, the purchoon transport software for service providers assist to speed up and improve the process.

How Does Part Truckload Software Support?

part truckload management solutions

When a transport company interacts with multi customers for booking their goods for shipping, the process can become very time consuming, labor-intensive and can require a lot of paperwork.

The partial truckload software enables a transport company to take bookings for goods from two or more customers, it greatly reduces the number of staff required to keep the accounting procedures and thus immensely reduces paperwork.

Consignment tracking means keeping a track of the exact status of the goods.

Order tracking is an important and crucial task for transport companies.

Imagine a scenario where a particular consignment is delivered to the wrong destination or the loaders are unable to detect the exact position of the goods in a large truck.

This would cause chaos and would greatly affect the reputation of the trucking company not to mention the loss of business.

The partial truckload software helps do this exactly and thus saves you from worries.

When one single client books a single truck partially or wholly for his consignment, it is called Full Truckload consignment booking.

The partial truckload software can also be adapted to undertake maximum consignment bookings.

Many times large customers feel that their valuable goods should be transported via a single truck to ensure the safety of goods and surety of delivery.

To ensure a guaranty of service, these clients are willing to pay slightly higher rates to the transport company.

With partial truckload software, the trucking company can take a digitized booking from a client and keep a track of where the goods are packed in the truck.

Keeping a track of trucks can be a very tedious task if not done diligently. The software features can help a truck owner to take care of their parking slots, consignment placements within the truck, and tracking of trucks when en route to different destinations.

This helps to save on costs in terms of fuel management, drivers’ expenses, maintenance of trucks, petty expenses of drivers while on duty, and keeping a track of road transport/toll taxes.

Most transport companies have a pre-defined rate list for goods based on material and type and size of goods.

For heavier large goods as also for perishables, the rate list would be on the higher side. For smaller, lightweight goods which are inexpensive, the costs of transportation would be lesser.

The PTL software helps keep a tally of the rates for different types of goods based on their type and the destination. It thus helps to smoothen the process and makes the whole system efficient.

Maintaining a complicated rate chart of thousands of goods and hundreds of destinations is no mean task and the software helps exactly to do this.

Enterprise mobility refers to the transportation requirements of an enterprise. The software feature could take many forms: employee transportation to and from home, ambulance services, emergency transportation, etc.

The software helps in roster and route management, accounting and MIS, security and compliance check, driver settlement,  vehicle deployment, and tracking, feedback management, and vendor management service.

The system ensures faster vehicle/route allocation, optimized route generation, improved vehicle utilization, enhanced safety and compliance, regular feedback collection, real-time employee tracking, and routine performance report.

It is often said that a business can have excellent management, productive employees, and profitability in operations, but if the accounting is bad a business owner will never know how to fix the loopholes and the liabilities.

Cash receivables include income from customers, interest on bank deposits, maintaining PF/EPF, insurance of employees while the cash outgo includes salaries, truck maintenance, fuel, driver expenses, etc.

Proper accounting procedures help a truck owner to know the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement. The part truckload software enables the fleet owner to plug the loopholes in expenses and ensure good cash flow.