Transport Industry Terminology

Trip sheet

It is a detailed record of all the expenses that occurred during a trip. When the driver is sent for a delivery, he is given a particular amount to cover expenses such as tax, fuel, food, etc. He is also given some extra amount for maintenance to cover common instances. Upon the return of the driver, he is asked for the expenses that occurred, and a record known as the trip sheet is prepared.  If for a particular driver, the trip sheet data reflects a greater amount than the inspection of the events is done to reveal the matter. This helps in eliminating fraud.

Driver Settlement

Driver settlement is used to settle the payroll of drivers and print the invoices. It utilizes a combination of various factors such as base salary as promised, the number of delivery conducted and expenses incurred. This data helps in eradicating any flaws during payment. Thereby building the trust of the drivers in the firm they work for.  Also, it can act as a proof in cases of disputes.

Packing and Moving

For every product that the customer orders, a simultaneous delivery has to take place. Hence a business has to tie-up with packing and moving services. It also needs to be managed. Every time a request is received, the packing has to take place.  Hence an efficient system has to be designed for smooth processing of all orders. Therefore, you can utilize this system.