15 Ways to Manage Driver Settlement and Trucks Extra Expenses

manage driver settlement and trucks extra expenses

In the arena of immense competition, every businessman must stay ahead in the race and have cutting edge technology to prove their point to the target customers. Internet has added extra tinge of competition in every sector of business and with growing consumer desires and expectations, every business wants to be perfect in everything it has become very difficult for every business organization to manage everything right from employees to management perfectly.

And to get the perfection, most of the companies have incorporated software into their Business software is a set of computer programs used by the business users to perform various business functions perfectly and in minimum possible time. These applications are used to enhance the productivity, to measure the productivity and to perform other business functions perfectly and flawlessly.

Logistics industry is one such industry that faces challenges with every passing day. Changing consumer needs, complicated business models and increasing demands of the client are some of the top factors that pose a challenge in streamlining logistics management. In their struggle to ensure optimum results and augment the line of operations, the logistics companies incorporate automated and customized software.

One such software is the truck management software; that helps to effectively and smoothly manage the truck fleet. Customized and user friendly software helps to streamline the truck operations, manage the drivers and other lines of operations, effectively and in an automated manner,

State of The Art Truck Management Software Helps in:

1. Managing the Operations

Logistics operations are huge and; managing the huge operations is not a cakewalk activity for the organization. The customized truck management software systematically manages the fleet and aids in recording, reporting and alerting of vital metrics of the logistics operations, thus enabling easy and accurate decision making and future planning.

2. Live load tracking option

Automated truck management software helps to track load. The customer can track the direction of their load and see how their load is moving towards the final destination. It provides automatic updates of time in and out at pickups and deliveries and detention times are tracked automatically.

3. Behavior of Driver

The user-friendly software has vital tools that help in monitoring the behavior of the driver; that is imperative for public safety. It helps in:

The software simplifies the payment process and keeps track of the driver’s license expiry or medical card. It improves the accuracy of the payroll.

4. Enable Daily Inspections

With the help of software, the management can make sure that the machines and trucks are in good working conditions before hitting the road.

5. Payroll

Software helps the accounting department and the management to get reports of what loads the driver drove and this helps in cutting paychecks easily. Also, the automated software helps in easy printing of the report for record and also the management can verify if the payment has been duly furnished or not and evades completely any sort of arguments or misunderstanding among the drivers as to who load which load.

6. Truck Services Expenses

Forgetting true and fair picture of how the company is performing, it is imperative for the management to see where the money goes. The software helps to track major and daily expenses easily in one click. Expenses like driver foods, truck wash, spare parts, fuel, truck insurance can be tracked and showcase when and where it was incurred, thus giving a true picture of the expenses.

The software helps to:

With the help of software, the management can take 360-degree control of expenses and thus get control of profits. It also helps in tracking the spending tendencies for better management.

7. Maintenance

Management can easily ensure that the vehicles are correctly serviced and maintained as the software helps in easy maintenance of:

With the help of the software, maintenance is cheaper. It also helps the management to locate previous repairs to check on warranties and other critical data.

8. Tracking of The Truck

Managing assets is crucial in the trucking business and it is true for valid reasons for the safety of carrier, driver, and freight. Automated truck management software provides a holistic tracking system for trucks and relieves the management from wondering about the timely deliveries and whereabouts of the freights.

The software also instills greater levels of trust and credibility among the clients as they can easily have regular updates of the status of their freights. The software enables the company to get a dependable tracking mechanism, which works as an insurance for the trouble-free trucking business.

9. Load Planning

Transport manager can plan truckloads easily and effectively. Carriers with full truckloads and fewer truckloads can be easily managed for greater output with optimum use of resources with smart truckload planning. Managers can easily optimize load capacity for single and multi-carrier fleets with the help of truck management software as it helps in planning and distributing loads with proper utilizing of load capacity.

10. Truck Routing

With the help of truck routing, the management can ensure that the fleet is always at the right time. The software ensures that the routes are planned for optimum efficiency of fuels as well as man-hours. It also helps in boosting the profit margin of trucking companies and also aids in the management inefficient and smooth management of routes instantly concerning the change in Freight.

11. Trucking Documents

With strict government rules, it is imperative to maintain proper documentation for all the carriers as well as freight. Customized truck management software helps in reaching vital documents at any time. So in case if the driver is needed to show the valid license and freight documentation in the middle of a transfer and can avail him the same in no time.

12. Improve the Safety of Fleet

With efficient software allows a truck manager a better opportunity for better safety habits. The software helps to analyze patterns, behavior and habits of individual drivers and this information will allow the management to make more informed decisions about how to improve the habits of the drivers, make them aware of the dangerous driving habits of the driver, etc.

13. Improving Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Good truck management systems allow the truck manager to analyze the behavior of the drivers and view their idle times for each vehicle. It allows easy tracking of receipts used for refueling and can provide further information about the vehicle and fueling habits of the driver and driving conditions. With good data of information about refueling, companies can make more informed decisions and make required changes that are on exact data as against theory or guesswork.

14. Insurance Benefits

User-friendly truck management software helps in day to day operations of the logistics business and provides other financial bonuses via insurance. An insurance company may be willing to provide discounts or other financial incentives for businesses that utilize an efficient truck management system as they know that they have the opportunity to improve safety on the roads and reduce accidents. You can ask your insurance company if they support discounts based on the utilization of fleet management systems, implemented safety policies and other active monitoring initiatives.

15. Customer Satisfaction

The management tools improves delivery times and reduces wait times for customers. The company will be able to provide a more efficient and effective service to all of your clients, regardless of the operation you run. When customers are getting high-quality service, they will be more likely to stay loyal to your company and return for additional service.


State of the art truck management software is the optimization software for logistics business and is extremely user-friendly and helps to create, share, manage and drive optimized routing plans in flash of seconds from any remote platform.

A good truck management system is a great boon for the logistics business as it improves the effectiveness of your business. From increasing fuel efficiency to reducing accidents to more efficient logistics, the software is key to the logistics business with a vehicular fleet.