Dedicated Server For Transportation Business

Why Should You Choose A Dedicated Server?

In 2022 Transportation Businesses have begun to adapt to online platforms to sell their businesses as the globe swiftly transforms into a tech-based culture. According to statistics, the world’s largest internet users number in the billions. More companies are creating websites to appeal to the burgeoning online community as the numbers continue to rise. With more people comes more bandwidth and slowness. You may use the power of dedicated software services for your transportation business to avoid your consumers from having problems with your website or services through software that is not shared with other companies.

Speaking of shared hostings no matter if it sounds affordable or money-saving to you, they still lack the dependability and stability of dedicated servers. It ensures that you are not sharing your computer with any software that might turn out to be harmful software or spammer. A dedicated server provides increased security, which is why is highly required for businesses that conduct transactions over sources such as FTP or SSL.

The industry needs more server space to store its immeasurable data. Such as the number of scanned copies, stationery, accounts, banking and transaction records, information of their man force such as employees, managers, trucks, drivers, etc., and managing the payroll.

Before Understanding The Advantages Of A Dedicated Server In-Depth, Let Us First Understand That

What is a Dedicated Server?

This is a physical server that a hosting firm offers for rent to companies. Choosing this dedicated server over a virtual/shared server implies having a dedicated physical server for your exclusive usage. You’ll have to use shared servers with hundreds of users on a single physical server.

Dedicated Server hosting meets the expanding needs and demands of your websites with dedicated resources, higher bandwidth, and a stable network. You get immediate server provisioning, which makes it simple to deal with increased resource requirements. A dedicated hosting account gives you complete root access, allowing you to tweak your server’s configuration and install third-party apps to improve the performance and security of your website. Semi-managed dedicated hosting plans are available in India, with the web hosting provider handling server maintenance and other chores, with the opportunity to upgrade to fully managed hosting services for total server administration.

Dedicated Server Benefits

(a) Unlimited Disc Space

The quantity of data you may store on your hosting account is referred to as storage, often known as disc space or data storage. There is no restriction to the amount of space you may use for your website or email when you have an unlimited storage hosting plan, but you will run into additional constraints if your site grows too large. The hosting plans listed below all provide unlimited storage from well-known hosting companies, or you may sort them at the lowest price. This is truly one of the remarkable reasons that your transportation business needs a dedicated server that provides you with unlimited disc storage.

(b) Unlimited Bandwidth

Dedicated servers provide you with a server that has no monthly bandwidth use restrictions. The quantity of data transmitted to and from your server is measured as bandwidth. Your dedicated server can access the network at a specific port frequency, and you’ll have an absolute effect on the amount of bandwidth consumed on that port. Unmetered servers, unlike traditional servers with as high as a 10TB bandwidth cap on a 1Gbps port, allow you to utilize as much bandwidth as your server requires for a better-managed dedicated hosting experience.

(c) 99% Uptime Guarantee

A dedicated server guarantees a 99.99 percent uptime by using powerful dedicated servers that we created and built ourselves to assure the performance, stability, scalability, accessibility, and security of your website. We have the most up-to-date and highly compatible hardware, as well as the most efficient HVAC architecture. With top-tier DC, Neustar’s DDoS protection, and redundant ISPs, you can expect consistent performance.

(d) 24/7 Customer Support

For your dedicated-hosted website, you’ll have access to skilled technical assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The best-dedicated server providing company ensures a server professionals handle your server entirely throughout setup, migration, configuration, customization, proactive monitoring, security, and much more with our extra managed hosting services. Providing the best software for transportation and logistics we offer you a dedicated technical assistant 24/7 to help you with any and everything, any time of the day.

(e) Free DDOS Protection

A sophisticated IP firewall is used to filter traffic. DDoS assaults will be intercepted before they reach your server as a result of this. The control panel allows for complete customization. Shield with a security lock icon Added protection. The newest SIEM and IDS/IPS technologies, as well as our central firewall, secure your servers. Backups may be made at any time and kept indefinitely, ensuring that data is never lost. Dedicated server providers maintain data centers in the United States and across the world. As evidenced by our ISO 27001 accreditation, our data centers satisfy the highest safety and security standards.

(f) Secured Resources

You are not obligated to share if you do not choose to. Build your own dedicated server security with a variety of CPU, RAM, and storage options, all on dedicated hardware. Cloud integration using plus sign API as well as cloud integration. API control is available on all dedicated servers. To create customized architecture, share your access loads and link your dedicated server with virtual machines. With very secure and restricted access. There is no charge for unlimited traffic, which includes both incoming and outgoing data. As usual, 1 Gbit/s bandwidth is offered.

Similarly Choose Best Logistics Software Provider

With the above understanding it is important to not just choose the company that provides you a logistic software, but a brand that has already emerged itself in the transportation industry as the provider of the best logistic software.

Bharat Software Solution is one such brand that gives you access to its immeasurable profitable dedicated server proving itself to be the best provider of logistic software in India. With 24/7 customer support, you get free daily backups, DDOS protection as well as all secured resources specifically chosen for your business including unlimited disc storage space and management of all in one dedicated server.