7 Ultimate Guide to Professional Truck Maintenance

Your fleet vehicles are the lifeblood of your company. After all, your logistics or transport business is only as excellent as the service you provide, and you only get as much as you give. This also applies to your trucks! We at Bharat Software Solutions understand that many of you rely on these trucks to make a living. That’s why we created the state-of-art Transport Management System to make sure your fleet runs smoothly. We wanted to offer some advice on how to better care of your trucks so that they can last a long time. While each tip has its own set of requirements (keep the owner’s manual handy! ), with this basic maintenance advice, your truck will keep operating like new for years to come.

(a) Check the oil on a Regular Basis

Your truck’s engine is lubricated and protected by clean oil. Dust, dirt, and debris from the engine and environment can readily contaminate the engine oil. When this happens, the engine is unable to perform its duties correctly. To keep your engine operating smoothly, we recommend Castrol, a well-known brand. It’s especially crucial to keep an eye on it if you’re frequently hauling large things, driving at low speeds, or traveling long distances. The engine oil should be changed every 12000 kilometers or six months, whichever comes first.

(b) Tires Should Be Rotated

Because tires wear unevenly depending on your truck’s drivetrain, rotating your tires every time you replace your oil helps to ensure even wear. According to Ford’s chief global engineer, tire rotation is critical. Your front tires should last longer than your back tires. By rotating your tires on a regular basis, you can extend their life, ensure a smoother ride, and lessen the strain on your truck’s suspension, which can occur as a result of uneven wear. MRF tires are available in a number of sizes and styles, allowing you to select the optimum fit for your vehicle. They’re an indigenous brand that’s suited for Indian roads!

(c) Keep The Tires Balanced

Every time you turn your tires, it is encouraged to have them adjusted. A tire is adjusted when the heaviness of the tire is similarly dispersed around the pivot. With each knock, pothole, and rough terrain outing, your tires get increasingly imbalanced. An unequal arrangement of tires can prompt vibrations out and about and cause expanded wear on your suspension just as lopsided wear on your tires.

(d) Guarantee That Your Wheels Are Adjusted

At whatever point you head in for an oil change, it is beneficial to ensure that your wheels are adjusted. On the off chance that you notice your vehicle pulling aside from the street, you know it’s the ideal opportunity for a re-arrangement. Skewed tires make your tires destroy quicker, give you more awful mileage, and place you in more serious peril of street mishaps.

(e) Actually, Take A Look At Your Lights

This probably won’t be on the highest point of your upkeep list, yet defective lights whenever left unchecked could be an exorbitant misstep. It may very well be an electrical issue, however, it could likewise endanger your excursion and either lead to mishaps or fines en route.

(f) Keep An Eye On The Different Fluid Levels

You should also check the engine coolant, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, and brake fluid on a regular basis, in addition to the engine oil. Engine coolant maintains a constant boiling and freezing point for engine fluids. Check out the new-age Coolants, which uses biodegradable organic technology to keep your engine cool even in extreme temperatures. The power steering fluid is in charge of moving the various components of the steering system on your truck.

Changing the power steering fluid can help extend the life of other, more costly power steering components. Changing the windshield washer fluid is a crucial aspect of routine truck maintenance, even if it may not seem like a huge problem. Dust and stains on your windshield can quickly accumulate, making visibility difficult. Changing the windshield washer fluid on a regular basis is not only a good idea, but it also preserves your windshield. Brake fluid collects moisture from the air over time, leading it to malfunction. This is why your brake fluid should be replenished on a regular basis with new fluid. Castrol brake oil will ensure that your brakes stay in good operating order.

(g) Replace Your Engine’s Filter (Every Once In A While)

Filters become clogged with dust, dirt, and chemical pollutants over time. Replace the engine air filter every 24,000 kilometers, or even more regularly if you drive on muddy roads frequently. A clean air filter will not only extend the life of your engine but will also improve its efficiency and acceleration.

Hire Business Management Application

The good news is that fleet management is now easier thanks to advancements in technology. We’re seeing advancements in a variety of areas that help heavy-duty truck fleet owners. Here are certain ways truck fleet management software, can help you run a more profitable and effective fleet such as those available through Bharat Software Solutions (BSS).

It Can Assist You In Preparing For Your Trip

Keeping track of how much wear and tear you’re putting on your truck is one of the most critical aspects of long-term care. The way you operate your truck will define the exact type of maintenance you’ll require, whether you’re hauling hefty cargo, driving off-road, or making many small journeys every day. The logistics and Transport Management Software can assist you in keeping a better eye on the roads and driving conditions in real-time, allowing you to keep a better check on your truck. This will cut down on back-and-forth calls because you’ll have all of the information at your fingertips. This information will also be available for you to review and analyze later.

It Will Help You Plan Your Inspection Better

A truck review is like a yearly actual assessment for your vehicle. A specialist inspects your truck for defects. It’s basic to distinguish any mechanical or wellbeing issues as quickly as time permits. Having your truck assessed is a significant part of keeping it already. To keep all of your data in a single spot, plan your review utilizing our fleet management application.

Keep An Eye On The Driver’s Actions

When different members of your team drive your vehicles, the life of your truck can be jeopardized owing to dangerous or hasty driving. Unmindful driving can waste a lot of gas, put a lot of strain on your truck’s engine, and put your cargo at risk. Investing in BSS’ fleet management system can help you keep track of your drivers’ routes and behavior.

Maintain Accurate Records Of All Data

Vehicle management necessitates the keeping of records. The management must be aware of all facts, such as which vehicle will be handled by which driver at what time. Make sure to keep a daily journal that the drivers sign. This log should include information such as the driver’s name, date, the number of cars they drive, and the time they started and returned.

In addition, managers should keep physical and digital records of –

  • condition of the truck, which helps in identifying all technical issues
  • calculate the kilometers before and after each shift, and execute routine maintenance as needed
  • tire pressure and condition

full maintenance history for all vehicles in the fleet, including the date of the last oil change

To Cooperate Efficiently With Shippers/Receivers, Send Out ETA Notifications

To minimize bottlenecks and boost throughput, precise ETAs allow you to set dependable appointments with shippers and receivers. The back-office and dispatch staff can see exactly which trucks are arriving when and where.

This ETA information can be shared with clients to aid in the coordination of deliveries and pick-ups. Faster turnaround keeps drivers productive, which is critical since if the wheels aren’t turning, you’re not making money.


We place a premium on the health of your business and your trucks. We’ve been working on a variety of solutions to address your issues in order to ensure that they’re just temporary! Please visit our homepage to learn more about how we can help you with your varied logistical difficulties.