Increase Logistics Business Sales Using Linkedin

When it comes to the logistics business, leads are very much important. You can easily get leads from social media for your business. This guide will cover the information about popular social media for generating business leads. We are going to talk about how LinkedIn can be useful for the logistics industry. The guide will cover how you can get business sales from the platform.

Social Media Business Profile

We are going to see a quick overview before we head over to the core part of the article. LinkedIn is a professional social networking platform. To make it simple, people are not using it because they have free time. They are probably using it for professional purposes. This type of audience is great if you want to generate leads. 

Want to know one very interesting fact about LinkedIn? More than 97% of the B2B marketers are on LinkedIn trying to grow their business in all the ways possible.

Most people think that LinkedIn is only for hiring which is wrong at its very core. No doubt, it can help you with finding the right candidates as well. However, it’s not the only use of LinkedIn. You can use it to generate business leads from it as well.  Let’s see how logistics companies can use it.

Showcasing Your Company

The first benefit you will get on LinkedIn is about showcasing your company details. LinkedIn provides a company page. You can head over to the page option and create your company page to know more about it. 

The company profile has all the details your customer will need. They can see the posts, jobs, and even a quick link to business website. It includes the essential contact information as well. Therefore, the customer will see all the information about your company. This will give them a proper idea about your logistics business from just the page. 

In this way, you can display all the information and showcase your logistics business. This will eventually help you to get the business sales.  Business management will allow you to do all the things.

Generating Business Leads

LinkedIn is an open market for B2-B clients. You will see many businesses who are looking for resources and companies to collab with. You can surely contact them and get make a deal out of it. So, it’s easier to generate business leads here. 

The companies are already looking for collaboration. Therefore, it becomes easier to convert them. Let’s take an example. If you find an eCommerce startup that is facing problems in delivering the products to the required cities or states, you can partner up with them and crack a deal.  This is a simple way to get business leads. You can easily start generating business leads. People often post the stuff online on LinkedIn. So, you will easily find the businesses that will potentially require your service. You can directly ask them and make a deal.

Contacts With the Decision Makers

One of the biggest problems that you might face in generating business sales is contact with the core decision maker of the business. When you’re on LinkedIn, you can directly contact the decision maker of the company. Here, the company is your client. 

If you want to be the entire logistics business management of a client, you will have to contact the core decision maker of the business. If the company is small, you will have to contact the co-founder of the founder as well. They are the core decision maker in a small company.  Even if you go with a big or midsized company, you can easily find HR contacts as well. This brings us to the next point.

Finding the Contacts

Now, the next point was finding the contacts. You can easily find the contact of the person you want. If a company has multiple HRs, you can easily find all of their IDs with just a few clicks. You won’t even have to waste your time finding the right people. 

You can simply open the company page and find the HRs or BDEs that can do the work for you. In this way, you can easily find the right contacts for any company that you possibly want.

Looking for more? Well, you can also open their profile and there will be the direct contact details given on their account itself.  You can use the site to contact them and generate business sales with ease. Even if they don’t have any email addresses given, you can message them on LinkedIn and talk to them about your needs.  

Content Creation for Awareness

One of the core things that logistics can do on LinkedIn is content creation. You can easily crate content on LinkedIn. LinkedIn shows growth. 

If you are posting content consistently on the platform, you can easily scale up your business on LinkedIn. It will reach more people as LinkedIn promotes the posts automatically. Unlike other platforms, you will get the best reach. 

In simple words, if you keep awarding people about the routes you cover and the type of tech you’re using, you can easily increase your sales. 

Some people don’t know what type of businesses are offering the logistics they require. For instance, if someone started a small eCommerce store and wanted a delivery partner, they might not have a proper idea of which provider can give the best rates and cover all cities. 

For the people who are creating content about the logistics industry, the small eCommerce store will know where to go. As a result, you will make the sale. Most of the founders are using only LinkedIn as it’s a professional network that one can use. In this way, you can get increased sales.

Trust and Branding

The logistics and transport industry mostly focuses on offline advertising. Therefore, if you are using LinkedIn and you’re active on LinkedIn, your customers will trust you the most. People trust the companies with whom they can directly contact and get things done.  For instance, people might think that the contact details on your website might not be working properly. However, if you’re on social media, they can easily contact them. Therefore, it will increase brand awareness.

Final Words: What logistics business can do here?

Now, we will see a quick summary of everything will saw and give you the exact guide on what are the things you need to do to generate business leads in the logistics industry. 

The first thing is to set up your profile and company page on LinkedIn. It’s important to use the correct description, logo, and name of the people involved in your business. By just doing this, you have done half of the work here.

Thereafter, you can also ask the management team to do the rest of the things. You can ask them to create their LinkedIn account and then ask them to add your company’s details to their profile. 

You can then start generating business leads by creating content for LinkedIn. You need to write content that is suitable for the logistics industry. Last but not the least, you can ask your webmaster team to integrate with business management and add a section for the leads.