5 Benefits of YouTube Channels

When it comes to the logistics or transport business, you can surely start a YouTube channel to grow your business. You can surely start a YouTube channel that shows everything about your business.

Now, people might be thinking what are the benefits of starting a YouTube channel for a business. This will give you all the answers on whether you should be starting a YouTube channel for a transport business or not. Let’s start. We will see each of the benefits in depth. So, you will get a complete idea of what type of videos you need to upload to get the most out of that benefit.

(a) Organization (Industry Branding)

The first benefit is the branding of your business. When you have a channel, it will increase the branding of your business product or services. A transport business can be B2B or B2C, most transport businesses serve both sectors. In that case, you will always get the best branding.

YouTube has a variety of audiences. Even businesses from all sectors are surfing YouTube and so are the customers. Therefore, when you start uploading videos, you are attracting all kinds of audiences for your industry branding. 

When you want to be a brand in logistics industry, you will have to focus more on providing value. Before you start your channel, you need to make sure that you have done the proper branding. In simple words, there should be a proper logo for your brand. In the same way, you need to design the channel art (also known as the cover photo).

YouTube allows you to put the watermark on your videos directly from the channel settings. So, you don’t need to work on that. Instead, you can easily get started by uploading videos and you’re done. That’s how easier it is to do the branding on YouTube. When you do branding, you can sell your services.

(b) Advertise Your Services

You can surely advertise your services on YouTube. Instead of advertising everything in one video, you can create separate videos for all the services. 

To begin with, you can first create a series of videos for your truck services. You can show how carefully you load the trucks for the safety of the ornaments. In the same way, you can also show your truck details. This will show how you care about the safety of the goods. 

In the same way, if you’re providing warehouse services, you can also create videos around the same. The warehouse serves to include the storing of the goods for the eCommerce and similar businesses. There are a lot of things you can show when it comes to warehouse services. Therefore, you will never run out of ideas here. You can show order processing, warehouse videos, shopping strategies, etc.

You can surely explore the services and create videos for all the services. Lastly, you can create videos for the entire supply chain services. This will allow the customer to know how your business works. You will generate a maximum of your business leads from here. We will talk more about it in the next section. 

(c) Business Leads

Business leads are what bring revenue to the company. When you have a YouTube channel, you will start getting more business leads. This will help you in increasing the revenue. The best part about the business leads is that you will keep getting the leads even if you upload 1 video a week. You don’t need to upload videos every day.

You can surely outsource the entire channel work to someone else (an external team) and keep getting business leads for your transportation business without having to put in more effort from your side. 

Now, the reason why it attracts more business leads is that people remember more of a video as compared to images and text. So, if you are advertising your logistics business with an image or text, it will not perform as well as a video. 

When it comes to video, the number #1 platform where you can create videos is YouTube. YouTube is an ultimate source where you can generate leads. All type of audience uses YouTube. Also, the search rankings of videos are great. 

Therefore, you will get a lot of business leads. This is yet another reason why you should start creating videos.

(d) Free to Use

Well, if you do the marketing for your logistics business, you will have to pay any charges. Even your website incurs some charges. However, when it comes to YouTube, it’s 100% free. You don’t need to pay any charges to upload the video. The only charges you will have to pay are when you create the videos. The videographer will take some charges and you will also have to pay some of the charges for the editing. 

However, if you are a small logistics company, you can also shoot your videos directly and upload them as it is. In this case, your videos will be 100% free. It’s not only free for your side. Even the customer doesn’t have to pay anything. So, it’s a win-win situation. 

Also, as you are a business, you will not run ads. When you don’t have monetization, the user doesn’t need to see the annoying ads. Many people run away when they have to see 15-second-long ads. Therefore, here in your case, the users don’t need to see that. Overall, you don’t have to incur a huge amount of investment to start your professional YouTube channel for your business.

(e) Grow Your Network

The last reason to start a YouTube channel for your logistics business is to grow your network. When you have a decent network, you will not only receive more sales and business leads but it will also help you to create perfect branding. 

In this way, you can grow your business and increase your reach. People feel more connected when you have videos. YouTube allows the users to subscribe to your channels by which the customer becomes your followers. They can also comment on your videos. All these things will not only allow people to feel more connected but will also generate social proof. 

When you have more subscribers and more people who trust your business, you will start getting more customers and sales. Building a network is very much important when you have a business. This will help you create proper branding as well. 

Most importantly, when you have a new service that you want to share with the people, you can directly share it with your network and start getting sales without spending a single rupee. Once you build your network, it’s free marketing for you.

Therefore, you should start your YouTube channel as a logistics business.